What camera do you use?
I recently bought myself a beautiful Fujifilm Finepix HS50 EXR, which is a bridge camera that takes amazingly clear photos and is simple enough to use even for total beginners like me! I bought it for £250 so it is fairly inexpensive for a camera, and it was worth every penny as my photos are now such better quality.

What editing software do you use for your photos?
I use Adobe Photoshop Express to edit the photos, and PicMonkey to make collages or logos. Largely, my photos are only slightly edited as I shoot in the sunlight, or when it's dark I have a good lighting set up using a lamp that is 5600k (the colour temperature of the sun) which allows for really gorgeous photos.

Will you be starting a Youtube channel?
Maybe - it all depends on if the demand is there and if I would enjoy it. Balancing blogging with a full time job is difficult, let alone adding a Youtube channel to it. I may venture that way in the future :)

Who designed your blog?
The amazing Kotryna at Kotryna Bass Design designed my blog and I made a few tweaks and customisations. She was absolutely amazing - her layouts are gorgeous, installation was super easy and she was friendly and helpful throughout. Check out her amazing designs here.


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