Review: Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions 3 Step System (+10% HELLOSKIN DISCOUNT CODE!)

If you've read my blog before, you'll know I am a bit obsessed with skincare, but that I struggle a little to find products that work with my sensitive combination skin. Whilst the Clinique Anti-Blemish System is nothing new, I have always been convinced it would dry out my skin so never tried it. That is, until recently, when HelloSkin got in touch to send me a set.

Having never visited HelloSkin before, I didn't know what to expect, but on looking on their website I loved that you can pick specific skin concerns to find tailored skincare for you. My favourite thing about the website is that each product (by very well-known brands, might I add) has a brief description below it, so your search for the right product could not be simpler! As you can imagine, I jumped at the chance to try the Clinique set for sale on their site, and to offer a discount code for my lovely readers - enter HELLOLUCY at the checkout for 10% off your entire order. And no, I don't get paid commission for this, but I do like to share the wealth!

Now, let's get on to the Clinique review because I have been truly loving these products lately. As I'm sure you're aware, the set contains 3 (generous) travel-sized products, which is enough to last about 4 weeks. It is suitable for all skin types, which normally puts me off because it isn't specifically targeted to combination skin, but it miraculously never leaves me oily, dry or breaks me out. In fact, it leaves your skin feeling deeply cleansed, refreshed and cleared of any blemishes or open pores.

The cleansing foam is super lightweight and feels like it gets deep into your pores, without making your face feel tight. It washes off easily and is actually a pleasure to use, unlike some foam cleansers which get everywhere and dry your skin out. Next, the clarifying lotion gently exfoliates the skin in one swipe of a cotton pad, and whilst the formula is quite strong, it doesn't irritate or overstimulate pores. Last, my favourite step of the three, the clearing treatment applies like a light moisuriser, hydrating the skin and sinking in quickly, whilst also treating blemishes and preventing further breakouts. The overall effect is that bacteria is banished from the skin so no new blemishes will form, and any existing spots are soothed and treated.

I've used the set morning and night for the past 4 weeks and I can genuinely say my skin has only broken out slightly once in that time (due to hormones), and it was treated so much more quickly than usual. Redness reduced within the first day and the blemishes pretty much disappeared the next, which is unheard of for my skin! It feels so fresh and clean that I will definitely look to purchase another set, or at the very least the clearing treatment. Why did I not discover this sooner?!

Remember, use code HELLOLUCY for 10% off your order.

*Whilst I was sent these products by HelloSkin, all opinions are very much my own*


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