Review: Mavala Nail Hardener

It's not often I do this, but guys, I'm calling Holy Grail status on this little baby! As someone who has suffered my whole life from soft, flaky nails that struggle to grow past the top of my finger, I have used every strengthener, fortifier and hardener on the market, none of which to much avail. Mavala's offering, however, is a thing of magic...

Mavala Nail Hardener / £14.25 for 5ml

I mean, just look at those results! In a matter of two weeks of using this nifty little gem, my nails are now solid as a rock, are able to grow quickly, and do not chip or flake - I can barely believe it myself! And, to make things even better, it couldn't be quicker or simpler to use: just apply to the tips of bare nails once per week, let it sink in for a minute and, well, that's it!

What I love about this product is that it requires very little maintenance. It works to strengthen the nail plate so that your nail can be restored and resume its normal growth - in this way, it is more of a topical treatment, and once your nails are back in peak shape, you only need to top up a few times a month, if that! The formula is just a clear liquid that applies and absorbs quickly, with no residue whatsoever. It honestly couldn't be easier - the results speak for themselves!

If you've given up hope that your nails can ever be healthy and strong, look no further because I'm thoroughly convinced that Mavala Nail Hardener is made with lashings of magic and fairy dust. Oh, and apologies for the before photo - not a pretty sight!

What are your nail care heroes?


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