Pamper Sunday: A Lesson in Skincare

Lately, my skin has suffered drastically; where I once had a fresh, clear face I developed uneven, blemished, hormonal skin. And it was upsetting. Makeup wouldn't apply properly and I couldn't cover it well enough despite using my highest coverage concealers. However, a few changes and a couple of weeks later and I'm on top of it again. Here's what I've learned...
A few weeks ago, I finally decided enough is enough and sat down with myself to do a skin analysis. Unfortunately, as I'd recently started a new pill, I put the bad skin down to hormonal changes so thought it would pass over time. However, when I looked at the situation objectively, I had to admit that my cleansing routine had become lazy. Until last month, I was religious with my cleansing routine, never missing a full cleanse even after a long night out. But coming home from a day at work and the gym, it became tempting to remove my makeup and swipe over my face with a toner and leave it at that. Every night I'd think to myself, "I'll do a proper cleanse tomorrow, it won't make a difference" - but it happened again and again.

So, no fancy treatments, no different products. It was incredibly tempting for me to use loads of treatments and masks to get rid of the blemishes and detoxify the skin, but really what I needed was to regain my routine. Using my trusty Clearasil Skin Perfecting Wash (which has recently been remarketed as a "HydraWash"), I began cleansing my face morning and night without fail. No more, no less. No excuses.

Well, you guessed it - within days, my skin started to become clearer, fresher and less congested! It seems I had been in my routine for so long that I'd forgotten how incredibly effective it actually is, thinking that a few nights of skipping it here or there wouldn't make a difference. Well, let me tell you, it does, and I will never be skipping it again.

Since then, I've amped up my skincare game, taking omega 3 and spirulina supplements daily, as well as taking a dose of Evening Primrose Oil to help with the hormonal skin changes. I can honestly say that this, in addition to my new focus on fitness and nutrition, has transformed my skin. I no longer feel that I have to try to cover my skin with layers and layers of foundation just to cover up imperfections. And I couldn't be happier.

Have a lovely Sunday!


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