Review: Temple Spa The Elevator & Exalt Neck Gel

Having never had the pleasure of trying a Temple Spa product before, I jumped at the chance to trial their luxurious neck-firming Exalt gel and heavenly massaging tool The Elevator. Formulated to spa-standards, these products are a touch of luxe in your everyday routine - and they show results! 

Exalt Neck Cream Gel £39 for 50ml / The Elevator £20

To be used in conjunction, Exalt Neck Gel and The Elevator massaging tool work to firm, lift and improve the overall health and appearance of your jawline, neck and décoletté. The natural ingredients in the gel deeply penetrate the skin to boost hydration and smooth out the area, with the overall effect of a non-surgical neck lift - and no, I'm not exaggerating! I have quite a few fine lines on my neck which, after just a few uses of Exalt day and night, have all but disappeared! My skin genuinely looks smoother, lifted and altogether more healthy. Bring in The Elevator to the mix, and you've got a match made in skin heaven!

The Elevator is a simple wishbone-shaped tool designed to lift and sculpt the neck, cheek and jaw, as well as offering a blissful relaxing massage. Each side of the wishbone contains two soft-touch massaging roller heads with nodules that run across the skin in a smoothing action, working into the muscles as they go. Not only do they encourage drainage, they also stimulate the skin and increase muscle tone, reducing puffiness and creating a healthy complexion. The thing I love most about The Elevator is that it can be used as often as you like throughout the day, so it's perfect to pop in your work bag for a bit of a time-out. I like to start by running it along my cheeks, then moving down to the jaw line before finishing on the front and back of my neck. The relaxing, smoothing results can be felt almost instantly, with a longer-lasting lift being seen over a longer period of use.

After a session with The Elevator, I love to smooth over a small amount of the Exalt Neck Gel, which comes complete with a spatula to ensure your tub stays as hygienic as possible. A little goes a long way with this lightweight, cooling gel-cream, and it absorbs almost instantly to provide an amazing natural hit of hydration. The professional, luxurious formula is an absolute dream to use, and Temple Spa recommend applying it in upward-outward strokes using the back of your hands for a full spa experience - as a bonus, this also leaves your hands feeling ultra hydrated! The olive and rose oils regenerate the skin, locking in moisture and stimulating collagen production. The result is toned, lifted and hydrated skin around my neck, chest and jawline - all achieved whilst simply relaxing!

What is your neck firming routine?


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