Birthday Celebrations & An Update!

It's been a little longer than usual since I last posted, and with my birthday and other new things happening in my life recently, I've found myself with a lot less time on my hands to write. Anyway, I've got on top of it all now with a new schedule, so I thought I'd talk a little about my birthday and what's been going on...

So, three new developments in my life: 1) new puppy, 2) new job, 3) good friend came back home after three years! It's safe to say I've been fairly busy, and whilst I'm fully aware that unless you're Zoella nobody is waiting around for you to post on your blog, I still feel my slight neglect of this blog - a venture I'm so passionate about - warranted an explanation. Even if just for myself.

Anyway, let me tell you about my gorgeous new puppy. He goes by the name of Thor (Dog of Thunder) and he is a Jack Russell x Lhasa Apso cross - both are breeds who are fairly stubborn and independent, and that is precisely what we enjoy about him. We've had him for quite a few weeks now, but as a 12 week old puppy he still has a lot to learn and as such requires a lot of time and attention. Of course I'm more than happy to provide him with all the attention he needs and deserves, but it does come at the cost of not being able to schedule my posts as effectively. Having said this, I know I'll miss the days of him being a tiny puppy when he is full-grown, so I'm treasuring every moment!

Other than spending time with my gorgeous Thor, I've been busy preparing to start my new job, where I'll be working in a support role at my local Council. I'm really enthusiastic to start now, but getting things ready for my start date has been fairly hectic and has taken up a great deal of time. Then of course, there's my good friend who surprised me by turning up at my house a few hours after landing home from Australia a couple of weeks ago; he'd been gone for three years and I had no idea he would be home so soon, so we've been spending all the time we possibly can together! It's safe to say I'm a pretty happy - if busy - lady at the moment!

Okay, so about my birthday. Since turning 18 a few years ago, I've not been as fussed about birthdays as I used to be, but this one was really lovely. I turned 23 and had a fabulous, relaxed day with friends and family. My friend and I went for a nice walk along the beach before we enjoyed a gorgeous afternoon tea with my parents, and I was pleasantly surprised by the most beautiful pink roses by two amazing people. I mean, just look at those flowers! The paler pink bouquet were delivered in a huge birthday box by Serenata Flowers, sent by the kindest lady I know, Kelly from The Vegan Taff. They were such a beautiful surprise and they're still going strong, so expect lots of new photos featuring them in the background! In the evening, I went for a meal with my closest friends and was showered with gifts from Hotel Chocolat, MAC, Lush and Jo Malone - what more could a girl wish for?

So, that's it really - a quick catch up to let you know that I've had a lovely birthday, and that my blog schedule will improve from now on. I have also set myself a new goal to perfect my photography, so you may see a big of a learning curve in my blog photos in that respect! Thanks for sticking around, lovelies!


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