Through the Mailbox #1

Hello, lovelies, and welcome to my new series! It's a pretty simple concept but one I've been meaning to try out for ages, and I'm really looking forward to sharing with you some of the fab products that've found their way into my letterbox each week/day/month depending how busy my mailman has been!

Bimuno Immunaid / £9.99 per pack - I actually won these pastilles in a giveaway, and I couldn't be happier with them! They aim to support your immune system and strengthen your natural defences, which is perfect for me since I have problems with my immune system. Each box contains 30 pastilles, and you chew two of these sweet-tasting jellies per day. I don't really understand the science behind it, but it promises to increase the natural bacteria in the gut in just 7 days, thus aiding your immune health. I've not been taking these for long enough to speak to their long-term results, but I shall keep you updated! I'm rather hopeful...

Sinivalia Skincare range / £10.99-£14.99 - Anti-Ageing Face Oil / Facial Cleanser & Toner / Facial Mask - I'd never heard of this vegan brand until recently, so I was really pleased to get to try a few products from their range. All of the products are non-toxic, vegan, and are free of any nasty chemicals, parabens and sulphates. I've had a chance to try each product briefly, and my initial impressions are fantastic - the facial oil absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling incredibly hydrated without any oiliness, whilst the cleanser is an absolute dream to use, removing every trace of makeup and pH-balancing the skin to leave it refreshed and glowing! As for the mask, just look at that huge tub! It comes in a powder form and you mix it with water to make a clay which deep-cleans your skin beautifully. I'll be writing full reviews on each of these lovely products soon.

Epaderm Cream / £12.20 for 500g - This is only a sample size, but I've really enjoyed using it so far. It is a 2-in-1 cleanser and emollient which can be used on psoriasis, eczema and dry skin, but is surprisingly very lightweight and not greasy at all. It sinks in to the skin like a dream and offers ultra-moisturisation - after using it once on my dry elbows, they were completely soft and supple! I'm yet to use it as a cleanser, but the formula lends itself nicely to being used as a creamy cleanser for a hit of moisture. It is SLS-free, contains no colourings or fragrances, and is suitable for use on even my sensitive skin! I may just have to purchase a big ole tub of this stuff!

What has popped through your letterbox these past few days?


  1. Love this idea, and may well be pinching it off you ;)

    1. Glad to hear it, I look forward to the read!! I just hate waiting so long to feature products on my blog whilst I'm testing them, especially when I get excited about them! Haha x


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