Review: Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

You may have read my Bioderma review (here) where I raved about its amazing formula and even called Holy Grail, and whilst I still love it, my attention was recently directed towards Garnier's new offering instead when it arrived in a beauty box.

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water / £1.99 for 125ml or £4.99 for 400ml

When it came to Bioderma Sensibio, I loved that it was formulated for my sensitive skin, that it removed makeup easily and that it required no rubbing or rinsing. Well, I can honestly say that Garnier's water offers all these benefits and more, and all for significantly less money! In fact, the only thing I miss about Bioderma is the pump bottle, but it really is no hardship to just tip the bottle onto a cotton pad - first world problems indeed!

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water succeeds in making the entire makeup removal and facial cleansing process efficient and simple. It truly is as easy as dousing a few cotton pads in the solution and gently wiping your skin; I like to hold one pad on each eyelid for a few seconds before wiping away mascara and eyeshadow in a flash, and an extra pad or two for the rest of my face depending on how heavy my makeup is. No rubbing, massaging in or rinsing - a simple swipe is all this baby needs, making it perfect for travel or for freshening up on the go.

Whilst I do still use my normal cleanser post-makeup removal, there have been a few nights where I'm just too tired and my skin has shown no signs of suffering at all. If you're more low maintenance when it comes to your skincare, I truly think this cleansing water is for you - I mean, who doesn't have the time to swipe a few cotton pads over their face?

I suffer from sensitive skin, but this cleansing water is so incredibly soothing to my skin, eliminating tightness and even offering a hit of hydration! The formula is hypoallergenic, as well as containing no perfumes and being dermo and optho tested, so you'll really be hard pushed to find someone whose skin doesn't agree with it. It's certainly one of the kindest-to-skin cleansers I've ever used, making it such a pleasure to use night after night. At only £5 for a huge bottle, I'll be repurchasing the only micellar water to out-perform my beloved Bioderma time and time again!


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