Birchbox August 2015!

Following last month's fantastic little BirchBag (review here), I was hoping for big things from this month's Beauty Junkie-themed selection, and whilst there are a few highlights, I felt the products fell a little short.

BirchBox / £10 (+ £2.95 p&p) per month

So, the Beauty Junkie box is super pretty and I'll definitely be using it as storage, likewise with the drawstring bag inside and the little sheet of fun emoji stickers. Inside, I found two makeup items, a shampoo, a body scrub, cleanser and a hair tie. It isn't often that I prefer the haircare items to makeup in subscription boxes, but I do feel that the bronze and blush left a lot to be desired - just me?

Rice Scrub / £10 Rituals - I'm quite a fan of Rituals products so I'm rather looking forward to using this calming body scrub that is even suitable for my sensitive skin! It foams into a gentle cream and has a really nice, luxurious scent. At 70ml, it is quite a generous travel size and is a product I'd actually be interested in repurchasing if I get on with it.

Blush in 'Lotus' / £17 Lord & Berry - Don't get me wrong here, I love Lord & Berry and I am always happy to have a new blush - in fact, this one is a very flattering deep rosy shade - but the execution is terrible! The pan is about the size of a standard MAC eyeshadow pans and is clearly meant to fit in a larger palette which I do not own, and so have nowhere to keep the open product. More annoyingly, my normal blush brush is a lot wider than the pan and so cannot pick up enough product to sweep on my cheek in one application like normal. Such a shame as it's very pretty, but I'll try and get use out of it as an eyeshadow instead.

Defence Tolerance Cleansing Water / £12.20 BioNike - This brand is one I've never come across before so I am looking forward to giving it a go. The cleansing water is fragrance-free and suitable for sensitive skin, promising to remove all traces of makeup and not requiring any rinsing. I may save this one for a weekend away since it's such a convenient-sized bottle!

Clarifying Shampoo / £13.95 Kebelo - My favourite product in the box, this clarifying shampoo is something I've been meaning to try for ages but never got round to! It aims to remove product build-up, detoxifying and purifying the hair and scalp. It suggests using it only once or twice per month, which makes me think it must do a thorough it just me who thinks like that?

Balm Desert Bronzer / £15 theBalm - When I heard whispers of this bronzer being included in this month's box I was so excited since I've wanted to buy it for the longest time, having reads tons of amazing reviews. However, I was sorely disappointed to find, as with the blush above, that the pan it so unfeasibly small that I can't pick up enough product on my brush. Very frustrating indeed! It makes me wonder if perhaps they would have been better including a larger sample of just the blush or bronzer rather than tiny, unusable sizes of both!

Grab & Go Ponytail Holder / £11.50 L Erickson - I really want to like this hair bobble, but something about it falls a little flat for me. It is obviously very high quality and is comfortable to wear as it has nothing to snag on, but I just can't get excited about it. Perhaps it's the colour or the thick weave, but I'm not smitten unfortunately. Maybe next time...

How did you get on with this month's selection?


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