What's in my Work Bag?

I just got a new job at my local Council after finishing an office job elsewhere, so having treated myself to a new work bag I decided to show you the essential bits I take to my 9-5...

Double Pocket Core Bag / Accessorize - A structured bag with pockets, zips and compartments is essential for the office, and this one was so sleek and pretty I just had to have it. You can't go wrong with black, and I always like gold hardware over silver so this one is perfect. I'm actually saving for a Louis Vuitton Speedy at the moment but this inexpensive version is definitely a good place-holder and looks far more expensive than it was.

Purse / Michael Kors - I like having my purse organised and I make sure it's with me at all times so should I ever need something, it's on hand. My purse is a gorgeous coral leather with loads of slots for my cards, cash and coins, and also has a detachable coin purse which I can just take out if I'm nipping to the shops.

Pouch or cosmetics bag - I like to have a little pouch to keep my beauty products and smaller bits separate so I know where they are - mine is from last month's BirchBox (review here). Along with some of the items below, I like to keep a supply of gum, bobbles, hair grips, plasters, nail fileshoe liners, paracetamol, mirror, glasses wipes and tissues in my pouch so I always have them on hand. It's also a great place to keep your sanitary items so they won't fall out of your bag unexpectedly!

Scarf - I have a huge scarf collection so I always have one in my bag because they're so versatile; from covering your hair if it starts raining to keeping my neck from cramping up in the air conditioning and acting as a cover-up if it gets chilly, pashmina style scarves are an essential item in my bag.

Antibacterial hand gel / Primark - Any antibac will do, but I love these pink ones from Primark that are not only super pretty but also smell delicious. Like seriously delicious! Even better, it's not sticky, is easily absorbed and is super inexpensive.

Hand cream / L'Occitane - I always make an effort to reapply hand cream throughout the day to keep them supple and ward off any premature wrinkles (they show up on your hands first, dontcha know!) and L'Occitane really have their formula down. There really is no rivaling these babies, so I always have a miniature tube lying around. For a cheaper alternative, though, this Vaseline one works brilliantly too!

Sun lotion - I tend to receive quite a few samples of various sun lotions so I'll always have one in my bag. Although I work in an office, I do find the need for sun protection surprisingly often. From popping out for lunch on a hot day to driving home in the sun, it's always best to be prepared!

Multipurpose balm / Dr PAWPAW - If you read my rave review here, you'll know I am obsessed with this balm for use for anything from dry skin and lips to frizzy hair and unruly cuticles. A mini tube of this miracle balm is an absolute essential, using it throughout the day on lips, cuticles and even on my heels if my shoes start rubbing!

True Match Powder / L'Oréal - Combination-skinned ladies and gents like myself often find their makeup goes patchy or wears off altogether throughout the day, so I like to carry my powder with me for touch-ups. This one comes with a mirror and a powder puff for on-the-go applications, and the fine powder is super mattifying and can be built up for more coverage.

Correcting Concealer SPF20 / Bare Minerals - I've tried many a concealer in my time, and recently I've fallen head over heels for this Bare Minerals offering. What I love about it, other than just the amazing coverage, stayability (I think I made up a word) and blendability, is that it is actually good for your skin. It has an SPF and diminishes dark spots and patches over time - what more could you want?

Perfume / Travalo - I find nothing works to pep me up like a spritz of my favourite perfume, especially so if I feel like I'm getting a little hot or stuffy sitting around all day. The Travalo makes it super easy to have my favourite perfume with me without lugging the huge bottle around! You can read all about this amazing little refillable perfume spray here.

Water & snacks - Pretty obvious, but I need snacks and water to keep me going through the day. I always take healthy snacks (usually that I make myself) in tupperware, and ensure I have a water bottle on hand at all times. 2pm slump? Be gone!

Notepad - How adorable is this little pink pad?! I am a huge note/list-maker so a pad is always a good idea. You never know when blog inspiration might hit, or when I might need somewhere to doodle on my break!

Organiser / Paperchase - This organiser goes everywhere with me - it seriously holds my entire life. It keeps me organised not only in my work life, but also makes sure I never miss birthdays, nail appointments or lunches with friends. I am seriously considering a whole post on this organiser and all its fab sections soon...

What's in your work bag?


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