Review: Travalo Refill Perfume Spray

There's nothing better than a simple product that really works, and the Travalo is just that - this refillable perfume spray can be taken anywhere for an on-the-go spritz, and will save so much room in any travel bag!

The pretty little pod is available in tons of colours, is super pretty and very small, so it will fit in just about any bag, purse or pocket. It is absolutely perfect for nights out, work, travel, festivals or just for general top-ups throughout the day. I'm certainly someone who enjoys a quick spritz of fragrance in the day, but I find myself buying mini perfumes or using any random samples that come in beauty boxes. Now I can reapply my favourite fragrance when I'm out and about, and when I go away there's no need to take a big bottle of my perfume away with me, which will save so much packing space and prevent any spillages!

Holding 5ml of perfume, it provides 65 sprays of your favourite fragrance, and the atomizer effect means it sprays in a mist that covers you all over, so there's really no need for more than a spray or two! It'll certainly last your entire holiday without needing to refill. I keep mine in my handbag and I only need to top it up every 2 weeks or so.

Speaking of filling it up, the pump and fill action literally could not be easier or take less effort. It completely fills in seconds, and all you need to do is lift off the cap of any perfume bottle and insert the little tube in to the bottom of the Travalo, then pump. It fills within seconds with zero spills, strength or fuss, and it has a little indicator window to tell you when it's full - what could possibly be easier?

The Travalo is my new handbag essential - what are yours?


  1. This is such a good idea and so cute as well =]

    1. It's a fab little thing, isn't it?! And comes in lots of pretty colours too! X

  2. I've been wanting to get one aswell, so convenient!! xx

    Bitchin' Pam'

    1. They really are! I'm considering buying a few for different scents! x


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