Review: SlenderToxTea 14 Day TeaTox

I decided recently to get into shape, so I was thrilled when I was sent a 14 Day TeaTox to test as a way to kick start my diet, detox my body and boost my weight loss!

So, what is it? Well, it's pretty simple really; it's an organic tea blend made from natural herbs and plants to aid weight loss, cleanse the colon and increase your metabolism. You receive a 14 day supply of easy-to-use tea bags in the form of one DayTox tea to be drank each morning, and one SleepTox tea to be consumed every other evening before bed. It is also highly recommended that you follow their eating plan which you can see here,  which suggests avoiding meat altogether and increasing your fruit and veg intake. Pretty simple, I think you'll agree?

I get asked a lot what the bags taste like, and honestly it isn't the most delectable tea I've ever consumed. However, it isn't terrible - it's simply like green tea, which is obviously not everyone's, well, cup of tea. I find it easier if you leave it to cool a little and just drink it as quickly as possible, but you might wish to sweeten it with honey.

The next thing I'm always asked is how the hell does it work?! Well, I won't lie, it's pretty much a natural laxative... and the laxative effects are not to be underestimated! I really did find it difficult at times due to the stomach cramps and the amount of times I would have to run to the ladies'. I'm not saying it's horrendous, but it certainly isn't pleasant - I couldn't have done it for more than 2 weeks, but remember you can infuse the tea bag for less time so it isn't as strong, or take a day off the tea altogether if it's too much.

Altogether, I lost 5lbs on the TeaTox, which is great for me as I normally lose weight at 1lb per week. I actually didn't follow the diet plan rigidly by any means, having a few sneaky bits of meat and an odd treat here and there, but it still worked. I didn't only notice the difference on the scales either - in the mirror I looked a lot slimmer, and my stomach a lot flatter due to the fact that I had been completely de-bloated. I would definitely say the detox worked, but it isn't for the faint-hearted.

(As a quick side note, I've noticed a lot of press coverage lately regarding these detox teas causing surprise pregnancies as it interferes with the Pill. It does mention this on the website, and if you take the contraceptive Pill you should be well aware that it is ineffective against many things like sickness, and of course, laxative effects)


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