Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish 25 Hour Foundation

It's been a while since I posted about the foundation I'm wearing currently, and since I just repurchased (!) this little beauty from Rimmel, I thought I'd tell you why I'm enjoying it so much...

Lasting Finish is a foundation that claims to last without fading or transferring for 25 hours. It comes in glass bottle with a pump, which is actually something of a commodity in the modern foundation market so they get ten points for that! It also claims to contain a Comfort Serum, and whilst normally I find those kind of ingredients a little gimmicky, this one actually is comfortable to wear for hours on end. As for the finish, it is surprisingly smoothing and blurs out imperfections, as well as offering medium-level coverage that is very easily buildable. The lightweight, runny formula is incredibly easy to blend, and even better, it contains SPF20 that doesn't cause any ghost-face in flash photography!

I would describe the finish as semi-matte and it certainly lives up to its claims of lasting all day - whilst I've not tried it for 25 hours, I have worn it all day and on a night out and it needed only some slight powdering to re-mattify my combination skin a little. As for standing up to humidity, it works pretty damn well - this is definitely one to take on holiday since it puts up a tough fight against heat. It claims to be hydrating, which I do agree with to an extent, but I wouldn't say it is entirely as transfer-resistant as it hopes to be. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't transfer loads, but if you haven't set it properly with a powder it can rub off on your (or others'!) shirts.

I chose shade Ivory since I'm a pale gal, but there isn't a huge shade range, and I do find that even this second-lightest shade can show up a little on the warmer side than I'd like, though this does seem to fade after a little while. I have also found that it can oxidise a little if you have oily skin, but not to any massive extent - it's simply a case of setting it with a powder and it should stay in place all day!

Overall, I am a big fan of this foundation. For comparison, whilst it is thinner in formula than L'Oréal True Match Foundation and isn't as matte in finish, it does provide a good amount more coverage and around the same length of wear, which is really great! I'd certainly recommend swatching the shades to find one that suits you (like I say, the range isn't blowing any minds), but it is a nice inexpensive foundation that truly does offer a natural, lasting finish. The fact that I repurchased it says it all!

Have you tried this foundation?


  1. I've never considered this I've always assumed it would be heavy but it looks lovely on you! maybe I'll give it a go at some point xx

    1. I was exactly the same until I ran out of foundation and the only one I could find in the small shop near me was this - I was so surprised!! It really is good :)


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