I Am Unstoppable - #LikeAGirl

Ever felt held back or boxed in by society because you're female? Told you can't do something because you're a girl? Thought so - and that's where Always' #LikeAGirl campaign comes in!

Always recently released this inspirational #LikeAGirl Unstoppable video which shows how societal expectations can hold girls back. Ever heard someone say to someone, "you [insert verb here] like a GIRL" as though it's an insult? As though to do something like a girl is to do it badly? Feebly? To a lesser extent? Well, it's about time that we challenged that belief, because doing things #LikeAGirl means being strong, talented and amazing! You think I run #LikeAGirl? Wow thanks, Paula Radcliffe is incredible! That I cope in the face of adversity #LikeAGirl? Well, damn, Malala Yousafzai would be proud! 

I watched a TV show the other day where there was a cocktail-making competition between a man and woman. When the woman won, the presenter quipped, aiming to shame the man, "you got beaten by a girl!" - I was so angry I took to Twitter. Is that to say that being beaten by a girl is bad? Embarrassing, even?!  As though a woman is a lesser being, a second class citizen, and certainly with fewer abilities - definitely unable to beat a man at, well, anything. Because, of course, how could a woman beat a man at something which clearly takes such specialist inherently male skills as...cocktail making. Um, am I missing something here, guys?

Girls, women, females - you can do whatever you like! And you can do it #LikeAGirl too, because you know what, to do it like a girl is to do it with skill, to display talent, to be strong! So next time someone tells you you are doing something #LikeAGirl in a derogatory way, turn it around, own it, and beam with pride - yes, world, I do things #LIKEAGIRL! And I am pretty badass.

Tell me what you do #LikeAGirl!


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