Huge Arbonne Skin, Hair & Health Sample Haul! +20% off Code!

When the lovely Claire at Arbonne got in touch asking if I'd like to test a range of small samples from a few of their ranges, I jumped at the chance when I heard their products are all completely chemical-free, plant-based, dermatologically-tested and vegan. Not too shabby huh?

Available to purchase on the Arbonne website - you can even pay a £17 intro fee for a 20-40% discount for a year and a free gift with a certain amount of collected points!

FC5 Skincare Range / £14-£90 - What I love most about this range is that it uses plant-based ingredients, so it aims to draw out chemicals in your skin that may have been in your existing products. I'm always wary of harmful chemicals so using a range like this puts my mind at ease, and there are products for all skin types. In fact, the FC5 range is rather large indeed, offering everything from cleansers, toners, sun protection, moisturisers, eye creams, masks, scrubs, oils...the list goes on! Whilst the samples are small, I've managed to get a good week's use out of the products and my first impressions are excellent. The formulas are all beautiful, absorbing easily, smelling incredible and having good immediate effects - there really isn't one product in the range that I wouldn't use! Products of note from the range are the Oil Absorbing Day Lotion SPF20 and the Moisturising Night Créme, both of which are formulated beautifully and do exactly what they say on the tin!

Products received; Hydrating Cleanser & Freshener / Oil Absorbing Day Lotion SPF20 / Nurturing Day Lotion SPF20 / Moisturising Night Créme / Hydrating Eye Cream / Purifying Cleanser & Toner

Makeup Primer / £27 - Certainly one of my favourite samples, this makeup primer is uh-may-zing! Seriously, you need to feel how soft this is to believe it! It literally feels like water it is so lightweight, applying so quickly and leaving your skin looking completely refreshed, smooth and ready for makeup. My pores have a minimised appearance and is soothed by the amazing ingredients including green tea leaf extract! I have no issues with oiliness after using this primer, and it lasts all day. There's no wonder this is their #1 selling cosmetics product - I'm running out to buy a full size of this little beauty!

SeaSource Detox Spa Body Gelée / £34 - My other favourite product from the brand comes in the form of this refreshing body gel, which is one of the quickest absorbing products I've ever used and is amazingly cooling and refreshing on the skin. It is absolutely perfect for post-sunbathing or exercise as it is cooling and incredibly hydrating, replenishing skin's moisture in seconds. This really is one to check out - it comes in a huge tub and is full of beautiful essential oils, but more than this, it is just a  real pleasure to apply!

Pure Vibrance Hair Range / £20-31 - Formulated for chemically and colour treated hair, this range prevents fading and locks in colour as well as providing shine and softness! It is a 6-product range that genuinely has all you need to hydrate, protect, maintain and style your hair, ensuring your tresses are on top form. Whilst I enjoyed using the shampoo and conditioner, the mask really is the stand-out of this collection - the sample provided two applications worth, both times leaving my hair beautifully smooth and looking glossy as anything!

Products received: Lustre Fortifying Shampoo / Fortifying Créme Conditioner / Hair Revitalising Masque

Chocolate Protein Shake / £33 for 12 - You may know that I've been on a health kick at the moment, so I was so pleased to try one of these ready-mixed protein shakes, which contains 20 grams of plant protein and over 20 vitamins and minerals! Unlike the usual whey protein, this plant protein is more easily digestible and contains antioxidants that you can't get from animal proteins. This drink is also high fiber and low calorie, making it perfect for dieters like me. It is available in powder variety too, but these mixed ones are great for on-the-go - and actually, they taste pretty good!

Energy Fizz Sticks / £43 for 30 - These little sticks contain a powder that you simply mix into water and turn into a nice citrus flavour to drink for a boost of energy. They contain B vitamins, riboflavin and niacin to help support the metabolism. Not only this, but they are low calorie and low sugar, so they make a great alternative to sugary drinks, and they really give you a great energy boost! Very expensive, but if you struggle with sluggishness, they might be worth a try.

The lovely Claire has generously offered my readers a 20% discount off your first order, so get in touch with her at to redeem it!


  1. Ooh, that primer sounds amazing, although it's a little pricey for my tastes I may have to give it a shot. Amazing photos Lucy (as usual), I hope to read in-depth reviews of some of the products in the future :)

    Kelly x
    The Vegan Taff | cruelty-free beauty and lifestyle

    1. Thanks Kelly!! The primer is expensive, but I'm going to justify it by how little you need each use. I'll definitely be doing a thorough review soon for you to read xxx

    2. Thanks for such a lovely review of my Arbonne products Lucy, as Kelly has said the photos are amazing!! The great thing about the primer is a little goes a long way, so using every day the bottle will last around 6 months :) also because of the air pump style there is no wastage too! Thanks again xx

    3. No problem, Claire! Thank you again for sending such a lovely package! I'll definitely be ordering the primer soon - as you say, it will last for ages, I've still got loads of use in just this small tube! Xx

    4. Kelly I am offering all of Lucy's readers 20% off their first order, so if you ever fancy trying the primer please get in touch :) xx


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