Review: Wassen We Beautify Collagen - 10 Day Trial

At 22, I wouldn't say my skin is particularly in need of much wrinkle-filling, but since getting in touch with Wassen I became intrigued about the general benefits to your skin that collagen can have and decided to give it a 10 day trial.

Wassen We Beautify Collagen / £19.99 for 10 sachets

Wassen Collagen drinks aim to boost collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and improve skin condition, leaving it radiant and firm. It can also help to support joint and bone health, which I think is a great added benefit as I do suffer from knee problems. As well as collagen, the drinks contain vitamins E, C and antioxidants to protect skin and improve its overall appearance.

Each pack contains 10 sachets, and it is recommended that you drink one a day for 4 weeks, making it a pretty pricey venture. The white powder in each sachet can be dissolved into 50ml of water or more - I prefer a slightly more diluted version so I have it in about 100ml of water. It is tropical orange in colour with a taste to match, which is surprising to me as these things normally taste pretty gross. During my 10 day trial, I drank them with my breakfast and it actually made quite a pleasant substitute for regular orange juice.

Now of course I had a shorter trial than the recommended 4 weeks, so I didn't expect to see amazing results. I didn't notice any significant improvements in my fine lines, nor did my joint problems improve, but of course that cannot be expected of any treatment in only 10 days. Overall, though, my skin did appear generally healthier and more radiant, like the boost you see in your skin following a facial. My skin looks soft and glowing, so in that way it could be said that it looks younger. I think that given a longer time period to trial the collagen sachets, I would have continued to see my skin's appearance improving which is bound to happen when you get a daily hit of vitamins and skin-boosting ingredients. Once I start to see more wrinkles appear, I'd definitely like to give this another go!

Do you take any supplements for your skin?


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