Review: Tampax Compak Pearl

I rarely see reviews on tampons on beauty blogs, and I do understand why as it's not as glamorous as showing off your new lipstick. But we all have periods and we all have to buy tampons or pads, so why not share a review with you on the only tampons I'll ever use?

Tampax Compak Pearl / £2.99 for 18

I'm not a tampon type of girl to say the least - the thought of it always made me feel a bit queasy, but I always wanted the convenience of it because, let's face it, sanitary towels can be a bit of a faff! Tampons are ideal when it comes to travel, space-saving and activities like swimming, but I could never quite get over the queasiness. The ones I'd seen were large and scary looking, and although it sounds like I'm just being a baby, I know so many other women with the same complaint! This is where Tampax Compak Pearl comes in, because these easy-to-use, tiny (and I mean really tiny!) tampons are seriously nothing to fear. They've genuinely made my time of the month so. much. easier!

Tampax Compak Pearl tampons are available in four absorbencies: Lite, Regular (for moderate days), Super (pictured, for heavier days) and Super Plus, so there really is something to fit any of your needs. They come with a rounded applicator that are laughably easy to use and insert, and to be honest they left me wondering why I hadn't done this sooner! You simply click out the little plastic tube to the end, insert, then remove the applicator - it is literally all done within seconds. Even better, the tampon is so small you can't feel a thing!

What makes them so different (other than their super small size of course) is the innovative new design. The people at Tampax have sought to banish leaks altogether, and as such have designed the tampon to expand width-ways to fit your natural curves, sit comfortably and completely block any potential gaps that could have caused an embarrassing leak! I know what you're thinking - it seems so simple - and you are absolutely right, it is a simple and effective solution to a common problem. I'll never have to suffer from "period paranoia" again - hello white pants, pretty underwear and aerobics classes!

The new design really does work amazingly well, completely banishing any leaks and sitting very comfortably. It is important to wear the correct absorbency for your flow each day for maximum comfort and to ensure that everything is soaked up properly, but it really couldn't be a simpler process. To top the whole thing off, the tampons are incredibly discreet, with each one being so small it can fit easily in your hand without being detected meaning no embarrassment at all walking to the bathroom with one in tow. The wrapper itself is not only very pretty, but is also made with super quiet-to-open material so nobody will ever know what you're doing. Does it get better than that?

Do you love these tiny tampons too?

*This post was sponsored, but I only accepted the sponsorship as these are my genuine feelings about a product that has genuinely transformed my period*


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