Pink Parcel June 2015!

Following last month's Pink Parcel filled with fab products that I've got loads of use out of (review here), I didn't expect this month's box to live up to it, and although it is slightly "bittier" than last month, there are still some stand-out items.

Pink Parcel / £9.99 per month

There are more food-related items this month, starting off with Organic BeautiQ Superfood Chocolate, which has all sorts of health benefits and is perfect for dark chocolate lovers - not bad if you've got a sweet tooth but are watching your weight! I love an on-the-go snack to boost your energy levels, so the Nairns Muesli Breaks sample didn't last very long, but I really enjoyed this oatcake filled with good things like currants and seeds, and it kept me going for ages when I was out shopping. I may have to buy a box of these little babies! The tea sample this month was one bag of You BeauTea Australian Tea which actually claims to have anti-ageing benefits for the skin and support healthy hair and nails! I haven't tried it yet as fruity tea isn't really my thing, but if I need a bit of a skin boost one day I'll give it a go.

As for body and skincare, the Quickies Eye Makeup Remover Pads couldn't have come at a better time because I'm travelling fairly often and wanted something a little less bulky in my bag for speedy eye makeup removal. They aren't amazing, obviously, since I do enjoy a deep cleanse for my face, but they are certainly easy and they do the job as well as I need them to. I was also quite pleased about the other bodycare item in a slightly strange way, as it is something you rarely see at all in beauty boxes. I've never tried a "feminine wash" before, but the small bottle of Sass Intimate Purifying Cleanser made me think it's something I perhaps should do. Who knows, I might decide to use it one day and I might love it!

On to beauty items, and my least favourite item in the box is the Maybelline Color Show Vintage Leather Nail Polish in 'Mudslide Tote'. Whilst I normally like the Color Show range, the formula of these Vintage Leather polishes is terrible - it chips in minutes, applies in non-pigmented streaks and dries to look horrible and almost 'dirty'. Not to mention the shade is the ugliest nail polish shade I've ever seen, and it came in what was obviously one of a 3-part set (it said on the part cut-off plastic wrapper), but god knows where from since I can't find it for sale anywhere in the UK when I looked. However, on a happier note, the MUA Power Pout in 'Crazy In Love' glides on smoothly, moisturises the lips and stays for hours, leaving a lovely tint to the lips. The shade isn't massively pigmented, but it does provide a very pretty wash of magenta over the lips.

My favourite product in the box has to be the set of 3 PopCult Pencils with super cute (and accurate) sayings on them! The shades of the pencils are so pretty, definitely worth displaying in your pen holder, and they are really good quality pencils. Retailing at £4 for 3 pencils, I am tempted to buy another set - looking on the website, they have loads of sets with sayings from TV shows and movies on! Definitely the best product in the box!

As you can see, it's a little hit-and-miss, but those pencils sure make up for it! What is your favourite product in the box?


  1. Its such a great box and affordable as well =]

    1. It's a fab little box to receive - totally worth a tenner! X


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