My Top 5 Sun Safety Products

It's so important to protect ourselves from the sun, but sometimes it's difficult to choose the products that will work for us, leaving us with greasy skin, white streaks or a flaky film all over! Over the years, I've put tons of sun lotions and sun safety products to the test, so I wanted to share with you the ones that have come out on top...

Smartsun UV Indicator Wristband / £4.99 for 5 bands
It's a simple idea, but one that really works - these wristbands detect the UV radiation you are exposed to and change colour accordingly, alerting you to whether you should reapply sun cream or stay out of the sun altogether. They couldn't be easier to use, simply wrapping one round your wrist and applying your SPF all over, including the band. Each band is comfortable to wear and is fairly discreet, and whilst some might complain about it leaving a tan line, it really is a small price to pay when it comes to protecting yourself from cancer-causing UV rays! Whilst not actually protecting you like an SPF would, it ensures your protection is reliable and reminds you to reapply your SPF, which is something that is incredibly easy to forget - we've all done it! They can also be used in the pool and sea, whilst playing sport, and by anyone of any age, making it an essential for the sunny season!

Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect Spray SPF30 / £7.50 for 200ml
This is my all-time favourite sun spray for use on the body, and one that I will always stock up on when it gets sunny outside. I have a full review of this fab little spray here if you want to read all the deets, but it offers an advanced level of UVA and UVB protection, and comes in SPF 15-50+ so there's something for all occasions. What I love about this spray is that it applies in a mist that sinks into your skin instantly and is completely transparent - it really is the easiest and quickest to apply spray I've ever used, and that is something I look for when I'm wanting to hit the beach!

La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid SPF50+ / £16.50 for 50ml
I'm a huge fan of La Roche-Posay for their amazing skincare products for intolerant skin, and they've extended their sensitive skincare line to this incredibly high facial sun protection for normal-combination skin. It is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and has the added bonus of preventing dark spots! I love this product as it is so light and is instantly soaked up by my skin, leaving it incredibly smooth and slightly mattified. This makes it the perfect sun lotion to apply before makeup, as it won't slip around like it tends to on more oily creams, and you know you'll be protected to a high level of UV rays - perfect! La-Roche Posay have also created this adorable video on becoming a Skin Checker so it's certainly worth checking out to protect your loved ones too!

Piz Buin Allergy Sun Sensitive Face Cream SPF30 / £12 for 50ml
The only other facial sun cream to have fully agreed with my sensitive, combination skin is this offering from Piz Buin's Allergy range. If you'd like to read my full review, you can see it here, but I will say that it is thicker than La Roche-Posay's offering (above), and as such it is creamier and more hydrating, so it is perfect for days where you just want the sun protection and to leave your skin natural, as it does work the calm the skin and make it look lovely. Having said this, makeup does apply smoothly on top of this cream, and it provides you with a nice dewy glow.

Lancaster Tan Maximiser / £19.95 for 400ml
I received this after-sun lotion in the Selfridges Summer Beauty Box a few years ago (review here), and absolutely fell in love with it. It isn't all about just protecting your skin from the sun, but hydrating it again once it has been exposed to the sun so it can heal and repair. There's nothing worse than dried-out flaky skin after catching some rays, and this product not only hydrates your skin, it also has the fab bonus of prolonging your tan if frequently reapplied!

What are your essential sun protection products?


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