Spring, The Time For Fresh Starts And Fake Tan

*This is a guest blog post from the lovely Nathalie from Help I'm Getting Married*

So you can tell just how thrilled everyone is at this mini Spring heatwave by the sheer volume of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest pictures of parks, skies and very importantly, legs! And while I don’t blame them, I do slightly resent how gorgeous all those pinned pins look, I mean, only last week we were in the depths of winter!

I am only jealous it is true, my whiter than white legs match my ceramic bath at the moment and they are the brownest part of me! Heaven forbid it should get any warmer and I may have to reveal any more flesh. Spring I believe, is a far more serious tanning game than summer because you (or it might just be me) have no element of warm glow to work with. However, as we are in the season of new beginnings I thought would post some topical advice in order to help all us pasty, sorry, ‘English Rose’ beauties get their best tan on, and who said it had to be a natural one?

Firstly, Exfoliate

Now I am sure any faker will have heard of this tip before, but for the first tan of Spring this is essential. Throughout winter your skin has been wrapped up in layers upon layers of clothing, leaving it absolutely no chance of an escape route. And, as the chances are that you haven’t thought about exfoliating since last Spring (nobody wants to lose that gorgeous tan by exfoliating after your holiday do they?!) chances are you’re pretty clogged!

You can buy all manner of different exfoliating methods, personally I use the standard exfoliating gloves that you can buy from any old supermarket and a nice conditioning body wash


As with the above, dry flaky skin does not bode well with that gorgeous summer glow, so after exfoliating be sure to moisturise. Your skin will absorb moisturiser best after a shower when the pores have opened up in the warm, so why not just keep a bottle in the shower next to your body wash so you are sure not to forget!

Find A Product That Suits You

Now the cost of beauty isn’t cheap by any stretch of the imagination but there are some things you can cut corners on and others you absolutely cannot. I may be wrong but for me fake tan is not something I can skimp on, however, you may be lucky! It took me a long time and some very embarrassing orange days until I found a fake tan that I loved. Personally I favour Temple Spa’s fake tan products, in particular their ‘Lovely Day’ which can be used on face and body (I know!) or their Sol Mate is also very good for starting without that natural glow to begin with

However, this is not to say that there are no other fake tanners that don’t do a good job. St Tropez has a huge range of tanning products perfect for all skin types. Plus with the fantastic tan remover, trying different fake tans is no longer terrifying as you can remove it straight away! (This is also very useful to have handy for all those annoying blotches and smudges that seem to get in the weirdest of places!)

Go To Bed!

My last, final tip would also be to NEVER fake tan before going out unless you have at least 6-8 hours before hand. I have done it and it was horrific! Things I didn’t even think I had touched went orange, including my kitchen counters! And when going to bed, always wear dark PJs and/or get some old spare bedsheets, as over the winter months you may have forgotten just how hard some fake tans are to get out of your whites!

Do you have any handy fake tanning tips for this Spring? Tweet me your faux glaux ideas at @martinnathalie9.
Nat x


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