How to Run a Successful Beauty Blog

I am by no means the authority on blogging and I certainly do not have as many readers as other blogs, but I do know that each of the tips below have helped me grow my blog, increase engagement and give me a sense of personal achievement in my blogging - maybe they'll help you too?

Each of these tips are incredibly simple and have helped increase my readership a huge amount! I have also linked to all the websites I've used to get this information for more detailed guides, so I hope you get something out of my sharing them with you!

Engage, engage, engage!

Engagement is essential, as blogging is an incredibly sociable hobby. You need to connect with people with similar interests in your network in order to make the most out of blogging! This means responding to each and every comment, as well as commenting on blog posts of others: get yourself out there! I would say one of the most important things was to join social media sites, and actually use them. The two biggies for a beauty blog are Bloglovin and Twitter - they allow you to share your content with like-minded people and interact with others. I really cannot express how integral Twitter has been for me in increasing my readership. My biggest tips on this would be to follow other bloggers and brands, tweet about relevant things, link to  your blog and new posts, and use relevant hashtags - #bbloggers and #lbloggers are my go-tos. If you don't have time to tweet all day, take some time to schedule your tweets using the Buffer app so you get your blog out there at regular intervals - and remember to schedule a tweet whilst you're asleep too to catch a different audience! The Vegan Taff has a great post compiling all the weekly Twitter chats that's well worth checking out: Twitter Chats for Bloggers. Or for a downloadable version, try Becky Bedbug: Blogger Twitter Chat Times. Other social media sites like Facebook, InstagramTumblr and Pinterest can certainly make an impact too, so if you feel comfortable using these then they can't harm, but do make sure you're au fait with Twitter and Bloglovin first!

Have a clean blog layout

Obviously your blog should look how you want, but there's nothing like a blog with clashing colours and too much going on to give you a migraine and make you feel overwhelmed! A clean, clear blog layout that is easy to navigate will always be visually appealing and will keep people coming back. A search bar and simple navigation (like the blog post archive) are really great ways to allow readers to go through your blog and read other posts, and ensuring your email address and social media links are visible allows viewers to connect with you in any way they want - not to mention PR companies who might want to contact you! For any basic coding, W3 Schools is amazing and can really help you make a DIY layout that you love! Make the most of widgets to promote your content - LinkWithin and Engageya suggest your other posts that readers might like to check out, or you can use a widget that shows your most popular posts. I like to have my Twitter and Instagram feed in my sidebar, as it adds some personality to my blog and allows readers to see what else I'm doing.

Improve your SEO

SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is essentially a way to improve your presence on search results and hopefully gain a page rank. This way, your blog will come up when people search for a certain product, for example. You can do this in a few simple steps, first by ensuring the title of your posts are clear and correspond with what people would type into a search engine to find what they want. Naming your photos is also important, instead of saving them as "11111", actually name them with a proper title so they will show up on image search results. Guest blogging on others' blogs is also a great way to get linked back to your blog, get more readers and improve your SEO. So as not to bore you too much, She Might Be Loved has a great post on this: A Very Basic Guide to SEO for Bloggers.

Update regularly and consistently

Posting as often as you can will let readers know that if they follow you, they will be able to read regular content from you. Of course, some people can post a lot more than others, so don't let it stress you - it's your blog after all! - but if you can ensure you always post on a certain day, your readers will be reassured. Or, making themed posts or a series, for example a series of "Monthly Favourites", is a great way to motivate you, keep your content cohesive and give assurances to readers that you are live and kicking! It is also important to decide on your writing style and stick with it - if you like to write with a bit of comedy, do it, or if your thing is more to-the-point, own it!

Brush up on your photography and editing

For me, almost as important as the content are the photographs you take. People like to see in detail what they are buying, so clear photos that actually show the product are hugely important. It also makes your blog look visually appealing and people will want to keep looking! For free photo editors, PicMonkey and iPiccy are two of the best for basic edits and collages. Steam Feed has a great list of editors to create photo quotes too, which are fab for posts like this one where there are no product photos: 17 Online Photo Editors to Create Beautiful Visual Quotes. Whatever you take your photos with, playing around with exposure to lighten your pictures will make a huge difference, as well as paying attention to the background to make it interesting. This fantastic post from Media Marmalade explains the basics of a photography: Mastering Photography & Your DSLR.

Build relationships

Similarly to the first tip about engagement, building relationships is important to maintain a thriving blog and ensuring your name is out there! This means not only relationships with other bloggers, but with brands and PR companies too - email and ask (politely and with your blog info) to be on their PR lists, and interact with them on social media. If you have a good relationship, PR companies will be likely to consider you for sponsored posts, and other bloggers will become your biggest supporters! The blogger community really is a lovely one. Blogger networks can also help to connect you with brands and other bloggers, as well as bringing you some great opportunities for collaborations and events! Thou Shalt Not Covet has a list of blogger networks you can join: Which Blogger Networks Can I Sign Up To? Gets your blog out there.

Be passionate!

If you're passionate in your writing and only post about things you actually like or have an opinion on, it will show. Don't feel pressured to post certain posts because you've seen others do it - it's your blog, post what you like and what you enjoy. And if companies ask you to review a product you don't think is a good fit for your blog, it is completely fine to politely decline. Shape your blog the way you want it - it is your little corner of the internet, so make it personal! I understand that sometimes it can be difficult to keep the ideas flowing, so to help, here is a super useful post from Perks of Being Ami: 25 Beauty Blog Post Ideas. And one great one from Couture Girl too: 10 Blog Post Back-Ups When Writers Block Strikes.

I hope these tips helped - what are your top successful blog tips?


  1. Great tips =]

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you find them useful! X

  2. LOVE all your tips!! I think my fave is the last one...I think it's because passion can be a difficult thing to convey. It's definitely something that I've struggled with as business writing is soooo different than writing for myblog.

    Thank you for including so many links to other helpful blogs!!


    1. Hi Jessica! I'm really glad you've found it useful & hopefully the other blogs helped you too - I know they were super beneficial to me!! I completely agree, passion is absolutely vital when it comes to blogging, which is why I don't blog if I'm not feeling the passion for it! It definitely comes through in posts. Xx

  3. Lovely tips that i have only just came across myself. A consistent and clean layout is something i LOVE to see when i visit someones blog, and great images! Thanks for sharing xo

    1. No problem lovely - glad you enjoyed it!! I am absolutely obsessed with blog layouts & if I see a nice one it just makes the whole experience so much nicer! I'm still getting to grips with photography myself but seeing great photos on blogs is something that is so effective. X

  4. These are really good tips~they are really useful as I have just started out with my blog and am feeling a bit lost.

    1. Aww good, I'm glad I can help! I would say starting out focus on your content and find your writing style, keep your posts consistent and have a clean layout, make sure readers can follow you easily through GFC/Bloglovin.

      If you feel lost, the blogger community is lovely and helpful - ask questions on Twitter with the #bbloggers hashtag, or you can tweet me directly @LucysBeautyBlog and I'm always happy to help out and have a chat!

      Good luck with your blog xx


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