Beauty Lust List #10: White Bedroom Decor Edition!

Ahh I love a wishlist, and since I've recently redecorated my bedroom, I wanted to make a list of the finishing touches I'd like to add. Although not "beauty" items, I'm adding it to my Beauty Lust List series anyway because, well, they're beautiful!

My new bedroom is actually very colourful, with gorgeous printed Joules bedding and floor length deep pink curtains, but I have a clean white chest of drawers and bookshelves to balance it and so it doesn't look tacky. Everything I'm adding to my room now will be white (or clear) apart from candles and cushions, and here are the top 5 things on my hitlist currently. As I'm writing this, I realise that they all pretty much centre around the dressing table and how I'm going to dress it up, but that's just because it's the last piece of the puzzle in my room.

High Gloss White Mirror / £169.99 at Illuminated Mirrors

How gorgeous is this?! I've wanted a Hollywood mirror for as long as I can remember, and this one from Illuminated Mirrors is just perfect! It is self-standing or can be hung up, has a high gloss white finish and the bulbs can be dimmed. It's pretty pricey for a mirror, but it is one of those pieces that I'll treasure forever. I'm hoping to get it for my birthday in September - if I can wait that long!

Malm Dressing Table / £95 at Ikea

This dressing table is pretty much the most popular one at the moment, with it being featured all over Youtube. I'm not one to fall into the hype of things, but I've looked around for a dressing table and there's a reason this one is so damn popular! The minimal white is so clean that anything will look good on it and you can pretty much decorate it however you wish - I plan to use Muji storage to display my most used makeup and brushes, as well as maybe the odd perfume and candle. The drawer is huge so will fit a lot of my products, and I just can't resist a little organisation of my makeup!

Nils White Stool / £30 at Ikea

No dressing table would be complete without a seat, and I wanted mine to be as simple as possible. This stool from Ikea comes in a few different colour-ways but I can't go wrong with a black/white combo to match the dressing table. 

Ceramic Apple Accessory / £5 at Matalan

No bedroom is complete without some accessories, and though I'm quite fond of pineapple trinkets at the moment, something about this ceramic apple just called to me. I think it's the fact that it's so round and smooth, I just want to touch it. Weird? Yes? Okay.

Chunky Glass Candlestick / £7 at Matalan

I have more candles than I care to admit and I am not averse to buying more! Whenever I see a candlestick I just want it, and so far I have refrained as I tend to buy jar candles rather than pillar candles. But I do love the way a pillar candle looks once it's been lit a few times and has wax dripping down it, so I think this pretty clear holder will fit right in on my brand new dressing table.

I'd love to know what is on your decor wishlist! Should I do a bedroom decor post once it's all complete?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you lovely! I can't take all the credit though - the items are just gorgeous!! X

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading! Ooh isn't it just gorgeous, I am dying to get my hands on it! There are other shapes, sizes and colours too but I like this one for my room :-) x

  3. That mirror is gorgeous!
    Ikea seems to have loads of white for home at the moment
    Laura x

    1. I am really hoping to get the mirror for my birthday in September, I will absolutely treasure it forever, it is so gorgeous! White does seem to be on trend, I am loving the minimalist look :-) x

  4. The Malm is coming home with me in the next two months... I've been saying it for so long and now I've read this I just need to buy it! xx

    Alice Anne // Annie Writes Beauty

    1. I know, I am absolutely dying to get my hands on it! I just need to rearrange my room a bit but it won't be long! Glad I reminded you xx


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