Review: Bondi Sands Self Tanning Mist in Dark

Being an eternally pale gal, I love nothing more than trying a new self tan, but am always disappointed with the results. On a whim when I was checking out the new Bondi Sands tanning range at Superdrug, I decided to try out their Self Tanning Mist and for once I have not been disappointed!

The only fake tans I currently own come in a lotion or mousse form, so a mist is new to me, and I may never look back! Application is incredibly easy, simply spraying the tan from a distance of 30cm all over (yes, it's even suitable for the face!) using the nozzle that works just as well when the bottle is turned upside down to get those tricky areas. The mist is very fine but the colour applies instantly so you can see exactly where you need to spray. I have found that starting at the ankles and spraying upwards works best, with one motion for the front, sides, then back of legs. If I feel the colour needs to be deeper, I'll just spray over it again. Weirdly, there is no need to rub the tan in - it simply sits there and you wash it off from 1-6 hours after application depending on how dark you want the colour to be. It is pretty much exactly like going to the salon for a spray tan, with the same result but for a fraction of the price! It is genuinely foolproof - it is actually difficult to create streaks!

I tend to leave the tan to develop for 6 hours, but the instant colour is dark as it is! The "Dark" shade obviously develops into a deep tan, and for a pale girl I was worried it would be a bit much. However, the shade turns out to be a beautiful rich olive glow which would compliment anyone. I have never used a fake tan that looks so natural yet maintains such a deep shade. Further, the formula is very hydrating and the colour stays true for a week, and even longer if you maintain a good moisturisation routine.

Now, the ease of application and the colour may be amazing, but guuuuuurl let me tell you about the scent! I can honestly say I would buy a candle or a perfume in this scent. It is a very true to life coconut smell, which isn't overpowering or chemical but rather very exotic and summery feeling. I apply the tan in my bedroom just so the smell sticks around for a few days because it is so beautiful! No signs of that fake tan biscuit smell here, folks.

I'm finding it difficult to find a bad thing to say about this product - even the price point is fantastic at £15 for a bottle that will provide a lot of applications. Perhaps the fact that you wash the tan off could be a slight inconvenience, as opposed to just allowing the tan to develop and leaving it on, but I have actually found this to be great as I feel I can apply my body lotion much quicker. I really cannot speak highly enough of this tan, which is a huge deal for me given the drawer of half used, disappointing tanning products I currently own. I think it's safe to say I have a new Holy Grail product!

I haven't been able to get photos of the before/after yet but I'll post them as soon as I do - in the meantime you can follow my Twitter for tan updates ;)


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    1. It is fabulous! I am so happy I bought it on a whim - the current application I'm wearing was applied over a week ago and it's still going strong! X

  2. It's on offer in super drug for 7.99 at the moment �� just thought I would let you know!


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