The Game-Changer: Lash Perm & Tint!

My eyelash history is short and sad; I have long lashes but they were always pale, poker straight and wouldn't curl as well as I'd like with even the best curlers and mascaras. However, my lash-envy spurred me on to find a solution that was more viable (and natural) than falsies, and boy did I hit the jackpot!
Lash Tint & Perm / £30-£40 depending on salon

Now obviously I knew a perm was a thing, and that it would make your hair bigger than Beyoncé's, but I never thought of it as being something you could do on your lashes! When my beautician told me, I was so pleased to have found a permanent curling solution for my lashes, so we went ahead and booked in and had a patch test (be aware: the solution they use does not smell pleasant) and a week later I was on the bed ready for my lashes to be permed (oh, and tinted for good measure...)

The process is quite delicate for the beautician, but for me I just had to lie on the bed for around 45 minutes and let her fiddle with my lashes. Essentially, they pop a solution on your lashes and push them upwards onto a mould that rests on your eyelid. The whole process is completely painless and you can pretty much just relax for the whole time. As I had a tint too, it took around 10 minutes longer after my lashes were permed, but I was in and out within the hour.

Now, the important part - the result! I knew they would be good, but I never anticipated quite how good! My lashes looked the picture of perfection; completely curled, separated and fanned out...and so dark that it literally looked as though I was wearing at least mascara, if not falsies! Everyone has complimented me on my lashes, and I must say I am constantly finding myself checking my own eyelashes out - oh hey gurl how you doin, nice curl you got there! Paha, anyway...

It has now been 4 and a half weeks since I walked out of the salon with a smile the size of Great Britain, and I have not been disappointed! The perm has held incredibly well, with only a few of my lashes drooping. I do wear mascara on top but only a quick swoosh to make them extra perky. The tint has also lasted a fantastic amount of time and has barely faded at all! I was told I should book another appointment for 6 weeks after the initial one as the perm is, well, permanent, but your lashes go through a life cycle and will fall out, leaving new, non-permed lashes.

My tint and perm was £36 altogether, and I would honestly have paid even more for the amount of joy I get from my lashes that were once straight and boring, but now look like I'm wearing mascara constantly! I would highly recommend this solution for all you straight-lashed ladies and gentlemen!


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