Review: Mel Millis Phytonutri Qi Energising MM Face Peel

When I heard Mel Millis was launching the organic Phytonutri Qi range, I couldn't wait to try one of the four products (see here for my reaction), and I must say the Energising MM Face Peel has not left me disappointed.

Although it is touted as a "peel", this product is actually a once-a-week mask that works to boost collagen and plump skin, leaving it beautiful, elastic and smooth. I won't bore you with the science, but the mask is organic and uses Glycolic Acid and plant extracts to achieve a flawless complexion.

There is a lovely citrus smell to this mask which makes the experience really pleasant and relaxing. However, it doesn't apply like any other mask - you wet your fingers to apply it, and it slicks onto your skin and works into a paste with little gritty exfoliating bits. It actually feels really nice and cleansing, and after leaving it on for 10 minutes you can remove it with the organic muslin cloth provided. The result is perfectly cleansed, smooth and fresh skin.

My skin is still fairly young and doesn't really require tons of "plumping", but I was pleasantly surprised to find that this mask did give my skin a youthful appearance and a gorgeous glow! I also tried it on my mum (the ever-willing guinea pig), and she had fantastic results too, with her skin looking visibly fresher and more plumped. You can't argue with those results!

The packaging itself deserves a mention too; the box it comes in can be ripped up and planted as it has flower seeds embedded into it! How clever is that? And, as the product is free from gluten, wheat and dairy, it is a really thoughtful product. At £48 it isn't a steal, but if you are in the market to treat yourself with a true pampering product, this is for you!


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