My Current Skincare Routine!

Skincare is a huge part of my life; if my skin is bad, I feel bad. So I make sure that I always have the best products that work for my skin, which involves a lot of trial and error, but it has paid off and my current routine has shown amazing results. For the first time in many years, my routine has become streamlined and I use the same products for day and night!

1. Makeup Remover; Bioderma Sensibio H20 / My makeup remover has changed over the years, from using makeup wipes to Clinique Take The Day Off, but since the hype surrounding Bioderma Sensibio H20, I had to try it for myself. It's safe to say I won't be looking back soon, as this micellar water is absolutely amazing at removing makeup (yes, even waterproof mascara!) and cleansing my sensitive skin.

2. Cleanser; Clearasil Skin Perfecting Wash / I have a drawer full of cleansers that I buy or get sent to try, and mostly they are good and work well on my skin...but nothing has ever worked for my skin quite as well as Clearasil Skin Perfecting Wash, which is why I've used it religiously for years. It has loads of lovely ingredients to ensure my skin is clear and smooth, and the creamy texture with little microbeads doesn't foam up or dry out the skin, which is a problem I run into with other cleansers. This is a product that will be with me for years to come.

3. Toner; The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner or Lush Tea Tree Water / Either way, I use tea tree to tone as it helps my combination skin stay clear, fresh and healthy. If I want to wipe over my skin to ensure every last bit of my face is clear, I will use a drop of The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner on a cotton pad, but often it is more convenient to have a quick spritz of Lush Tea Tree Water and go! For me, toner is an essential step in my skincare routine; is it just me, or does it just bring your whole routine together?

4. Treatment; La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo / As you may have gathered from my review of La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo here, this product has quickly become an essential part of my daily routine. The gel-like texture sinks in quickly and combats oily and blemished skin, ensuring that I have that last line in defence against blemishes!

5. Eye Cream; Lush Enchanted Eye Cream / I am actually still in the market for that one eye cream that will blow me away, but for now the Lush Enchanted Eye Cream is actually pretty good. It is light enough that I can use it day and night and it won't make my eye area look like an oil slick, but it will give me all the moisture I need. It does give a nice brightening effect to the under-eye area too, and the bottle is huge for an eye cream, so for now I am enjoying using it.

6. Moisturiser; Avon Solutions Hydra Beyond Hydrating Gel Cream or L'Oréal Skin Perfection Correcting Day Moisturiser / Lately, I have been really enjoying the gel consistency of the Avon moisturiser, as it offers just the perfect amount of moisture for most days without making my skin oily. On days where I want a little more moisture, I absolutely love the whole L'Oréal Skin Perfection range, which works brilliantly on my combination skin, and the day cream makes my skin look and feel perfect! I wrote all about the Avon Hydra Beyond Gel Cream here, and the L'Oréal Skin Perfection Day Moisturiser here for more on these amazing moisturisers!

I absolutely love skincare routine posts, so feel free to link me to yours!


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