Giftspiration: Q&A a Day Journal!

First up in my gift guide is a rather universal gift that is also rather thought-provoking and more special than a £10 gift card (we've all been there)!

Q&A a Day: 5 Year Journal / £10.49

Okay, so firstly, how gorgeous is this journal? It would look beautiful on any dresser, side table or book shelf with its vintage feel and gold edging on the pages. I would honestly buy this book simply as decoration in my room, even if I didn't want to use it! Anyway, moving on, this journal actually is something you would want to use. The premise is simple: it asks you a question a day, which you fill in, but there are gaps for 5 years worth of answers so that each year you go back to the same question on the same day and see how your life has changed! It is so much more simple to keep than a normal journal, as you only need to write a sentence or two a day, but it gives such a fantastic representation of where your life was at that time when you're looking back on it!

Questions range from the thought-provoking and serious (What would you like your epitaph to read? How do you feel about your body?) to the opinionated (What inventions can you not live without? What makes a good friend?) to the silly (How hungry are you right now? What's your Halloween costume?) - all giving you just a few lines you write your answer.

As a gift, it is unusual and thoughtful, even if the person only ends up using it as a decorative piece on their bookshelf. I have already stocked up on a few as Christmas gifts, and own one for myself which I have incorporated into my nightly routine to fill in before bed. And for the price, it isn't too shabby either; on Amazon you can buy new ones from private sellers for around £6!

I hope you enjoy this new "giftspiration" series, giving you gift ideas for all types of recipients in the run up to Christmas (and any other occasion!).


  1. I love this idea! Think I may get this for myself actually (got to love a 'me present') ;)

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