Review: OPI Drip Dry Lacquer Drying Drops

OPI's Drip Dry is a product with a simple premise - to dry your nail polish quickly and to soften your cuticles - and it is in this simplicity that its' genius lies.

A cute glass bottle is always welcome on my dresser, and this one is only small but lasts a very long time due to the small amount you use every time. It comes complete with a normal cap and a cap with a dropper in to make it super easy. To get the liquid into the dropper, you simply squeeze the rubber tip whilst popping it into the liquid and release - this creates a sucking action much like with the Estée Lauder ANR bottles. Application could not be simpler either; just wait a minute after applying the polish (this gives you enough time to paint all your nails) then drip one or two drops on to each nail by squeezing the dropper tip. That's really it!

Not only does this leave your nails dry to touch within around a minute (and completely dry within a maximum of five minutes), the formula contains jojoba and vitamin E to soothe and soften your cuticles! The result is no more ragged cuticles, and no more fingerprints in your polish when you're checking to see if it's dry - I know I can't be the only one guilty of this! Initially I was dubious about the claims of being dry in 60 seconds, but after giving it a try for the first time I was so impressed to find it was true.

This little beauty has fast become a staple in my nail kit, and I now wouldn't dream of applying nail polish without it. As for whether it is worth the money, I would say that personally I don't begrudge spending the money on something that does make my nail routine so much more hassle-free. However, if you aren't a serial nail polish applier, I would suggest that maybe a cheaper drying spray (such as one I own from Avon which is reasonable) would suffice for you. 


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