Review: Benefit Fine One One Lip & Cheek Colour

We all love a cheek colour to add some dimension to your face and brighten up your complexion, but sometimes it can be a bit of a faff to apply it perfectly, so I knew when Benefit released their all-in-one brightening blush, highlighter and lip colour it would be a winner for me.

The packaging of Fine One One is both beautiful, in this lovely rose gold tube, as well as ingenious; you simply wind the product up to reveal two creamy blush colours and a bright highlighter ready to swipe on each cheek. Application could not be easier, with the product being the perfect size to fit on your cheekbones. Simply ensure the light pink highlight colour is sitting on the top of your cheekbone and swipe the colour towards your hairline to apply the three stripes of colour, and blend in with your fingers. No brush, no mess, just a simple creamy formula that blends like a dream!

As for the shades, the pink highlighter is an ideal shade - not too frosty, but just enough to give your cheekbone a natural-looking highlight. The real colour is provided by the combination of two stripes - a beautiful rosy pink and an exotic coral - that blend in to a gorgeous pink shade. I maintain that this shade will be suitable for so many skin tones, and on my pale skin it adds a really beautiful pop to my cheeks; the beautiful colour and the highlight perks up my skin amazingly! Oh, and don't worry - there's no glitter in sight!

Now, as if this wasn't good enough, the product also doubles up as a lip colour, so it is a real essential for popping in your travel bag! The combined colour works really well on the lips, but you can also use each individual shade on a lip brush if you want. The formula isn't hugely moisturising on the lips, however, so I would advise using a lip balm beforehand.

In terms of staying power, Fine One One does fade after a few hours, but it does still leave a lovely flush on your cheeks so it is nothing to complain too much about. However, if you're looking for more of a long-lasting statement for your cheeks, I would perhaps give this a miss as the overall effect is more subtle. Having said this, for an everyday blush, this couldn't be more perfect! I would highly recommend it.


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