Review: Impress Press-On Manicure

As my nails haven't been in great condition recently, I thought I'd try out these press-on nails, which I've been meaning to buy for ages. Having had problems in the past with at-home manicures, I didn't have the highest expectations, but I must say, I am actually very *ahem* impressed (sorry!)...

The style I chose were called Totally Busted, which are a super bright neon orange - perfect for summer! There is a large selection to choose from with something to suit everyone, whether you prefer an animal print or French tips. The nails themselves aren't too long or too short, just a nice length, but they can be filed down with the emery board included if you want them shorter.

The pack includes 24 nails with loads of different sizes, so they really will be able to fit everyone's nails. On the back of each nail, there is also a small number which tells you the size; 0 is the largest size (for thumbnails) and they go up in number the smaller the nail gets. The numbers mean that you can size your nails up for one hand, then pick the second hand based on the numbers on the back. Easy!

Okay, so once you've laid out your nails in order, you just wipe your clean nails with the prep pad included, then start applying your nails, leaving the thumbs until last. Each nail has a little tab at the cuticle, which you simply pull off to leave the sticky glue-type pad behind, then press firmly on to the nail. I held each nail on for ten seconds, but I could feel that they had attached to my nail pretty much instantly.

These nails claim to last for up to a week, and I completely agree with this - after a week, my nails were still going strong! I did have problems with my thumb nails because you normally use those to do things which can pull on the nail, like putting on jeans, but I simply removed them and applied another. As long as you press them on firmly, they're fine! I have heard mixed reviews about how long they stayed on for for other people, with some saying they came off the day they applied them. I didn't experience this at all, and I can only think that they applied them incorrectly. But it is something to bear in mind.

After a week, the nails had started to lift slightly at the cuticle, which meant that they would catch a little in my hair when I put my hair up. This could have been rectified by pressing them down more, but I decided to take them off so I could tell you guys how that process went. You can either gently ease the nails off from the sides or apply a little varnish remover at the edges and then pull them. I just loosened up the nails and prized them off, but as they are quite flexible, it didn't hurt at all!

I was really impressed with how easily these nails were to apply, how long they lasted for, and how easy they were to take off! And for just £7.99, I think they're definitely worth the money! I think I will be purchasing these nails again in different styles, and I would definitely urge you to try them.


  1. I have never tried fake nails but this item has caught my eye! Great review I might give this a go :)

    xoxo -B ♡


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