Pamper Sunday: Bomb Cosmetics Little Hottie Wax Melts

I love nothing more than lying back and relaxing with a good book and a gorgeous scented wax melt burning, and this Pamper Sunday that is what I'll be doing. As a gift for finishing my exams, my Mum bought me a box of "Little Hotties" (cute, right?) and they've fast become my favourite wax melts!

The wax melts were beautifully wrapped, making me not want to open them, but when I eventually took the plunge I was so thrilled with what was inside the box; 35 wax melts of all shapes, colours and scents! They looked so cute together in the box, all bright and pretty! My Mum bought them in store, so she went along like a pick and mix and chose any 35 melts she wanted to put in the box - how cool is that?! Online, the process is a little different because you just pick the four main scents you want and they will fill the box for you. I guess it's just easier that way. I am a huge fan of exotic, fruity scents so my Mum filled my box with scents like passion fruit and mandarin! Yummy! There is something for everyone though, ranging from biscuit to cotton to lavender!

The idea of the Little Hotties is to pop 3 to 6 in your burner at once to mix a scent. This is so fun to do and you get to create some really irresistible scents. To make it even cuter, there is a leaflet with the box which features "menus" and ideas for the scents you could mix, as well as a space in the back of the box to write your own "recipes". Endless fun!

I was already in love with this idea, and then I mixed my first concoction and I've been hooked ever since! The strength of the scent is incredible; you can definitely smell what it is and the scents are true to life, but they are by no means overpowering. Even better, the scent throw is insane - not only does it fill your whole room, it reaches your entire house! I can smell the melts from upstairs when they are burning in the lounge! Amazing.

Bomb Cosmetics estimate that you will get 132 hours of burn time out of one box, but I think you could even get more than this! When you burn a few melts at a time, they melt together quickly and produce a good amont of wax, meaning that you can burn it more than once! In fact, by the time your tea light has run out, there should be enough wax left for another burn or two! All I do is leave the melted wax to harden again and leave it in the burner for next time.

At £6.99 for a box, these Little Hotties are worth every penny! I will be buying these again and again, and I'm so thrilled that my lovely Mum bought me some.


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