My Bucket List!

When I saw that Money Supermarket were hosting a Bucket List competition (see here), I knew I had to share mine with you! My list contains some budget items and some extravagant items, all of different difficulty to achieve.


Okay, I know this is on everyone's list, but I have a few specific places I want to travel to. The top destination is the Maldives, where I have always dreamt of visiting! I want to just swing in a hammock all day and have some amazing beauty treatments before having dinner on the beach with loads of tropical fruits! Then of course I'd love to see New York and visit all of the main attractions, but also befriend a local who can tell me about some secret hideouts with great food or a great view that isn't on the everyday tourist's map! I'd also love to do the Sex and the City tour! The last travel destination on my bucket list is California, where I'd love to go rollerblading along the beach and eat ice cream! Obviously you need a lot of money for all of these things, and so it will be a while before I am able to achieve them. But a girl can dream, right?

Go to Comic Con

This might not be one that's on most people's list, but I have always envied those who live close to it and can just turn up every year! I would love to meet all the comic book writers, as well as see actors from shows like Dexter! Most of all, I'd relish the chance to dress up extravagantly and nobody will bat an eyelid - Poison Ivy, here I come! Hopefully one day I'll have the money to do this.

See Derren Brown Live

This one is quite a budget option as it would only require the cost of the tickets and would be easy to tick off my list, but I would love it just as much as anything else on the list! I am a huge Derren fan and I watch all of his shows and read his books, but have never been to see him live! I think it would be such an amazing thing to experience first hand because he is such an amazing showman and it really would be worth the money!


As a beauty blogger, it is inevitable that this would be on the list! This too would be easy to achieve and would be a budget option (although all of the makeup I'd purchase wouldn't be so "budget"!). I think I would just love being surrounded by hundreds of like-minded people and loads of makeup! It would also give me the opportunity to find products to review for my blog.

Go to Notting Hill Carnival

Not only would this be easier to tick off my list than Rio Carnival, it is also incredibly high up on my list! The music, the dancing, the costumes, the makeup! My idea of perfection! I NEED to do this once in my life! I haven't been able to go in the past because it is difficult to find people willing to come and pay for a hotel, etc, but I hope that soon we will be able to go!

Buy a designer handbag

Well, this is every girl's dream, isn't it?! I am absolutely obsessed with handbags, even more so than makeup if you can believe it! I love the craftsmanship that goes into them and the smell of leather and  how they can change your entire outfit. I have a whole list of my favourite bags, but just to own any of them would be a dream!

Horse riding on the beach

I used to be an amazing horse rider and rode regularly until I got ill, which meant that it made me too tired. Now I'm getting a bit better, I'd love to start riding again, and what better experience to add to my wish list than my childhood dream of horse riding on the beach?! Luckily, I live near a beach, so all it would take is the hire of a horse.

Dress up as a seagull and steal people's chips!

Hahaha! I don't think it would be a bucket list without something crazy like this! I don't want to live my life without doing something so ridiculous that it just makes me laugh so much. This idea stems from an inside joke with my friend, and the idea just really tickles me. It doesn't have to be this exact thing, but just something ridiculous that you can tell people you've done and they won't believe you! I think I'd need to recruit a few friends to do it with me, but come on, it would be hilarious!

So there is my totally bizarre bucket list - I hope you enjoyed it! I'd love to see your bucket list posts, and I have tagged; Elle, Stefi and Renu!


  1. the dressing up as a seagull made me laugh :)

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

  2. My husband would LOVE to go to comic con. I'm going to need to surprise him with tickets someday.

    I used to live in California! Still one of my favourite places in all the world.

  3. Just did my one :D hope you enjoy reading it xxx

  4. Yay I'll read it now! And thank you for all your comments everyone, my reply bit hasn't been working but I appreciate all comments! Xxx


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