Get The Look: Beyoncé!

I'm just going to put it out there - Beyoncé is my idol. If I could be anyone, it would be her. So of course, what better way to continue my Get The Look series than to find the perfect Beyoncé style makeup! My favourite look of hers is the black liner and lashes, balanced by a neutral pink mouth, which should be easy enough to recreate (although I will never look as good!). She actually does her own makeup for performances and is very open about the products she uses.

1. L'Oreal True Match Foundation

Beyoncé has naturally flawless skin and so doesn't wear much foundation. I use True Match myself because it blends seamlessly in to the skin and looks so natural, whilst still being long lasting. For this look, it is important to make your complexion look clear and natural.

2. Jouer SPF Bronzer

A huge part of B's look is perfectly contoured cheekbones and temples. This Jouer Bronzer works to contour your face naturally, without looking too "done". Any matte bronzer will work for this look as long as it matches your skin tone, and it generally looks good on everyone.

3. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle

Generally, she doesn't use many shimmery face products, but she does like a subtle highlight to illuminate her skin. This is always very natural looking, so definitely don't over do it! I think Soft and Gentle is the perfect product to achieve the natural glow that she so effortlessly displays.

4. Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze

A bronze cream shadow works so beautifully on Beyoncé. She uses a bronze shade that isn't too brassy to contour her eye crease. A cream formula is great because it is easy to apply and blend, offers amazing colour payoff, and stays put!

5. Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Vision

For most of her looks, B loves to use gold shadow on the inner corners of her eye. She says that this is more subtle than white, but still wakes your eyes up. I think gold also suits her skin tone better than white, and works really well with the rest of the look.

6. Nyx Slide On Pencil in Jet Black

The focal point of the look is the heavy black eyeliner, but there is no need for an expensive liner to achieve this. I love the Nyx Slide On Liner because it is so simple to apply, with no dragging, and it is bendable so you can have a more smokey look. This should be applied on the top and bottom of the eye, as well as in the waterline, and then smudged out.

7. Velour Lashes in Are Those Real?

These are actually the lashes that Beyoncé uses herself and they always look natural, yet glamorous at the same time. They are mink strip lashes, making them soft and easy to apply. They also blend in perfectly to the black liner and add a slight bit of drama, without looking trashy.

8. MUA Pro Brow Kit

B's brows are always amazing! For performances, she always fills them in lightly and has that incredible arch. Her brows are so precise and so it is important to shape them and run a nice brown shade through them. The MUA Brow Kit contains all you need to achieve this.

9. Nars Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok

As she has quite a heavy eye look going on, it is important to balance it with a natural lip. A neutral pink shade works so well on B. Nars Bangkok would be a great lip base to add a pretty pop of pink without being too overwhelming, and as it is matte, it will stay on all day.

10. Dior Addict Ultra Gloss in Pink Croisette

On top of the neutral lip shade, she often has a soft pink gloss with a very subtle gold shimmer running through it. For this, Pink Croisette by Dior would work amazingly, adding a slight shimmer to the lips to make them pop.

I hope you enjoyed this Get The Look post and that you can achieve Beyoncé's look! Let me know how it goe and if you have any suggestions. Please follow me on Bloglovin';


  1. This is such a lovely, well-constructed insight into B's make up look, totally agree with the whole thing about gold being used in the tearduct area, I've been doing it for ages and it still works on me even though I have the palest skin ever! xxx


  2. Thank you. That's very kind of you to say so! And I definitely think it works for all skin, I'm going to start replacing my white shimmer with gold xx

  3. I love how Beyonce makeup always looks flawless so this put was super fun to read! :)
    xoxo -B ♡


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