Macdonald Hotel Manchester Spa Day Experience

It is one of my best friend's 21st birthday coming up soon, and so we celebrated by going for a few treatments at the Macdonald Hotel and Spa in Manchester. I opted for a scalp massage (30 mins) as part of the Twilight Spa Package and a Lava Shell massage (1 hour), whilst my friend had a Geleration manicure and facial, as well as the Lava Shells.

When we arrived at the Spa, we were instantly met with the most amazing, calming scent and tranquil decor. We were buzzed in to the building, and we felt our tension melting away with the relaxing music - we hadn't even had any treatments yet!

The staff were lovely and friendly, and gave us a questionnaire to fill in about our skin concerns, etc, before we were given a robe, towel and slippers each, as well as a key card to access the changing rooms. The changing rooms were not just your average locker rooms either - they were nice and clean and provided large mirrors, hair dryers, hair straighteners, and lovely Fine Scottish Soaps Sea Kelp products at the sinks and in the showers.

Before our treatments, we were able to relax in the Thermal Suite, which had ambient lighting and music, and was covered in gorgeous dark tiles. There were two large tiled chairs which were heated and were so difficult to leave! I could have slept there. The rooms consisted of a Sauna, Infrared Sauna, Steam Room, Arctic Shower with Ice Fountain, and a Semsation Shower. All of the rooms were immaculately clean and relaxing, all with amazing skin benefits. Perfect!

Ten minutes before our treatments began, we headed up to the Relaxation Room, which was a comfy room with lots of sofas and beds with quilts, and relaxing pictures on the walls, as well as a water fountain and music. You could also help yourself to water and a selection of herbal teas, which was a lovely extra. Our therapists came to collect us, and they were really lovely and professional. Mine was called Phoebe, and she spoke in a relaxing tone and made me feel at ease. We had a short consultation, where she asked me how much pressure I wanted and explained the process to me. I was really impressed with how nice and professional she was, as well as all of the staff.

The treatment room was lovely, with the perfect temperature, dimmed lighting and calming music again. The bed was incredibly comfortable, and I was covered in a towel and a lovely furry throw which kept me nice and warm. We started with the scalp massage using soothing Decléor oils, which smelt delicious, and she released all signs of tension on my pressure points as I led facing upwards on the bed. The back of my neck, collarbone and scalp were all massaged, and she also released tensions on my face which was perfect and very soothing. The oil made my skin and hair soft and glowing, and was easy to wash out in the shower afterwards. I have been carrying a lot of tension lately due to exams, and so it was amazing to relax.

My therapist then moved seamlessly in to the Lava Shells massage. She rubbed each area of my body in the gorgeous Decléor oil before she massaged each section, and followed it with the hot shells. They were self-activating and heated up to a medium temperature which felt incredible when rubbed on the skin. She focused mainly on my pressure points to ease tension and knots, starting with my shoulders, left arm, left leg, right leg, and right arm. Throughout this process, my eyes were covered in a nice hot towel (or something equivalent - I couldn't quite tell what it was, but it was so lovely!) She then asked me to turn on to my front, and proceeded to massage my back from the shoulders downwards, my legs, and my arms. She also worked on my palms and bottoms of my feet, which was my absolute favourite part! It felt so relaxing, and she used a perfect amount of pressure for me. I felt completely calm and de-stressed afterwards.

When we finished, we relaxed for a while longer in the Thermal Suite before begrudgingly showering and saying goodbye. My friend said that her facial was amazing and relaxing, and her nails looked amazing! Overall, the experience was incredible, and it's safe to say it is my new favourite spa! I you are looking to treat yourself, I would highly recommend it.

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