How To: Use Caudalíe Beauty Elixir

Kicking off my new How To series, I thought the perfect product to talk about would be the much-hyped and much-misunderstood Caudalíe Beauty Elixir. Despite taking the beauty world by storm, nobody really knows how to use it or whether it actually does anything, provoking me to do a little digging...

Caudalíe Beauty Elixir is essentially a refreshing facial mist which claims to have multiple uses and skin benefits. It contains some really nice essential oils, and is part serum and part toner. To apply, you simply shake the bottle and spritz on to your face - you will then find it difficult to not sit back and enjoy the refreshing feeling and minty/herby scent infusion. The ease of application makes it popular for out-and-about touch-ups and travel. It also dries quickly on to the skin, making it a very practical product to use.

Ingredient-wise, there have been some issues with people worrying about the alcohol content. However, I have seen absolutely no adverse effects on my skin from this. Other than that, there are no parabens and the fragrance is 100% natural, meaning it is fairly guilt-free to use. Caudalíe is also against animal testing, so there are no issues there.

The problem with this product appears to stem from the fact that nobody quite knows how to use it, or rather what to use it for. Well, you can use it in various ways. I do believe that it does close your pores, make your skin glow, and it certainly hasn't made my skin oily. I have also found it to have a slight preventative action against blemishes. Some people say it can be used as a makeup base, which personally I have found not to work very well due to my combination skin needing a mattifying primer. However, I do find it works well as a toner, providing a base for your moisturiser by making your skin smooth and prepped. Another popular use for this is to use it to set your makeup, and to give you a less "done" and cakey look, which it does achieve. My personal favourite use is to use this throughout the day to refresh my skin and give me a boost, particularly on a hot day. It just perks you up in an inexplicable way!

Okay, let's be honest; this product is just a luxury, and there are certainly cheaper alternatives. It costs approx £10 for 30ml or £32 for 100ml, making it very expensive just for a bottle of water with a few nice skin benefits. Having said this, it really is pleasant to use, and there is nothing wrong with a little luxury! If you have the money for it, I would say it is definitely a nice product which certainly has its uses, but if not then it is not worth breaking the bank for.


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