Beauty News: Tom Ford Makeup Line for Men

Following the recent trend towards men becoming more "metrosexual", it should come as no surprise that the beauty world would soon find a way to accommodate the demands of a more appearance conscious group of men. As a man who wears makeup himself, Tom Ford is the perfect person to launch a makeup line specifically to cater to men.

We are all familiar with Tom Ford's luxe makeup collections, including beautiful lip colours and eyeshadow quads, but now he has created a line which will include nine multifunctional grooming products. As well as skin care, which most men are now accustomed to, the line will also include a concealer and a bronzing gel. Well, if us ladies can conceal our blemishes and give our complexion a tanned glow, why shouldn't a man be able to? As far as I can tell, the collection will simply offer products which enable men to make the most of their skin, whilst still looking natural.

It has also been revealed that Marc Jacobs is following suit with his upcoming collection of unisex beauty products. Well, it was only a matter of time really, coming from the man who donned a full face of heavy makeup for that photoshoot! 

Personally, I am all for it! As of yet, I am unsure of whether it will become the norm for men to apply makeup on a daily basis. I would certainly find it difficult to convince any of the men in my life to don a bronzed face or touch up their imperfections. Having said this, I can certainly see a market for it and I am more than happy for men to take advantage of a luxe makeup line! More power to ya!

What are your thoughts on Tom Ford's makeup line?


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