Review: Garnier Moisture Match Lotion for Normal Skin

I actually have combination skin, but as I am getting
older, I have noticed my skin becoming a little more "normal", so
when searching for a new oil-free moisturiser with sun protection for
the summer, I decided to opt for the new Garnier Moisture Match Illuminating
Light Lotion for Normal Skin with SPF20.

This moisturiser is like sunshine in a tube, from the
adorable yellow packaging to the subtle illuminating properties, slight
lemon/floral scent and sun protection.

The ultra-light lotion is nice and easy to apply, and absorbs quickly, leaving
your skin soft, smooth and very slightly illuminated. By illuminated, I
mean it perks your skin up and makes it "glow", but nothing shimmery
or greasy.

The oil-free formula means that it is suitable for my combination skin,
in that it doesn't produce any oil on my face. Having said this, it
also doesn't make any particular effort to keep oil at bay either, making
it necessary to finish up with a powder. This doesn't bother me, though, as
I use a powder no matter what I'm wearing, but people
with oily skin may want to opt for a moisturiser that specifically targets

I tend to have quite sensitive skin, but do not have a problem
with this moisturiser, making it perfect for everyday. I also feel like
my skin is nicely moisturised for the whole day, although on particularly
sunny days you won't be able to rely on only one application
of this in the morning for sun protection.

Overall, this is a nice moisturiser with a bonus of sun protection and
skin radiance. The 50ml tube costs only £5.99, making it relatively inexpensive
compared to other products of its kind. In my opinion, it is worth a try! 


  1. I only had a sample of this and it was really lovely :) Definitely need a full size :)

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  2. You should, it is really worth the price! X

  3. I tried this twice recently and it broke me out :( I was really disappointed because it felt really good on my skin and I felt it moisturised so well.
    Sunshine in a tube, aw, that's so cute! x


  4. Oh no I'm sorry to hear that! I hope you have better luck with it xxx

  5. I am really loving Garneir products at the moment! As of now i am using the shea butter and cocoa butter intensive 7 days body lotions and i love them, might have to try this!

  6. A blogger recommended this moisturiser tonight and after reading it think defo going to try!

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