Review: Barry M Sequin Nail Effects in Pink

When it comes to my nails, I like it bright and quirky, so when I saw the launch of Barry M Sequin Nail Effects, I was dying to try it out.

The shade Pink appealed to me most, because it reminds me of hundreds and thousands on little butterfly cakes - why wouldn't I want that on my nails?! These polishes are supposed to be packed with sequin specs to make your nails look 3D. As for "sequin effects", I think it is misnamed - it is more like a super chunky glitter polish. If you're expecting a nice neat row of sequins, you will be disappointed.

It is inevitable that these polishes will have a mixed reception, with many people expressing their dislike for them. I can absolutely understand where their distaste comes from; the effect of these polishes is just plain weird. I mean, it dries in to strange bumps which feel chunky and very noticeable to the touch - quite a move from the traditional smooth and shiny polishes to which we have become accustomed.

Having said this, I am quite drawn to this polish. In fact, it is the quirkiness and messiness that kind of appeals to me. If you take these polishes just as a fun addition to your outfit, it is cute and summery. I think it's best just not to take the colour so seriously. After all, it is super colourful sequins on your nails!

As for the formula, this is not even slightly as hard to apply as you think; a few swipes and you have an even coat with loads of glitter evenly distributed. It also dries very quickly, in to a bumpy texture. Because it is so thick and chunky, it is easy to catch your nails and pull some of the polish off, but the beauty of the messy kind of look with this polish is that you can just patch it up again.

For only £3.99, this is a really cute addition to your polish collection, which can be used to just add a little bit of quirk to your nails. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Great review but, pesonally I hate the Barry M Sequins nail polish and find it ugly. I have 80+ Barry M nail polishes and the Sequin polish and the orange Croc polish are the only two I dislike.

    1. I have to agree. The polish was horrendous to apply and the finished product was scratchy and caught on everything, even with a top coat. I bought the product in white and it was patchy without good coverage. I was severely disappointed!

  2. Hey Lucy! I'm excited to see you are back! Long time... I had tagged you in a couple of awards, but right now those posts are off my blog b/c of an error. Anyways, this looks fun! I wish Barry M was available in the States. I am so fond of the shades!

  3. so glad you posted a review. I am always drawn to sequin/glitter polishes as they look so fab in the bottle. Having seen this been applied, Im unsure whether I like the finished application. The concept behind it is amazing though - the colours and sequins. Love it!

    Thanks again



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