Pamper Sunday: Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Facial Oil

So it's Pamper Sunday again (after a long hiatus since I started
exams - sorry!) and it is definitely
the perfect day to use Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Facial Oil to
replenish the skin after Saturday night...

This adorable pink bottle is full of vitamins
and essential fatty acids from a blend of 4 oils. The consistency
of the oil is light, and it smells woody and herby, which wouldn't
have been my personal choice, but it certainly adds a kind of
spa atmosphere. This oil is used as a cleanser which
gently dissolves dirt and makeup from the skin, whilst
hydrating and nourishing at the same time.

I use this about once a week to give my skin a boost - my
skin is combination so I definitely would not use it any more
often than this because it does offer a lot of hydration. But for dry
or normal skin, I think this oil would be perfect to use
a few times a week.

One pump is enough to cover your face and neck. I like to
rub it between my hands and then apply it in circles to dry, clean skin. It does
work as a makeup remover, but as I use this more as a facial
massage/treatment rather than a cleanser, I like to use it after
my makeup has been fully removed. Personally, I give myself a
full facial massage following OxfordJasmine's video (if you haven't seen
it yet, DO IT NOW!), occasionally adding a little warm water to
work it in to a nice milky lather.

To remove it, simply splash your face with water and wash
it off. Every time I use it, I notice a real difference in my skin - it looks brighter,
smoother, clearer and...younger, even though I'm 20! And then
when I touch my skin, I pretty much never want to just feels so
ridiculously soft! Basically, I absolutely love it.

Sanctuary Spa Ultimate Facial Oil costs £12.99 for a 150ml bottle.
Do you use a facial oil?


  1. This sounds lovely! I use Superdrug Vitamin E Oil about twice a week as an overnight treatment and it works wonders - definitely worth checking out as it's only around the £3 mark :) xx

  2. Thanks for reading :-) I actually already own the Vitamin E Oil, it's really lovely! X

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