Review: Soap & Glory Pulp Friction Body Scrub

It is no secret that I adore the Fruitigo fragrance
that Soap & Glory so kindly put in some of their products (see my
rave about Foam Call with the same fragrance here), so my lovely
friend Hazel bought me Pulp Friction... and I think it's love!

Pulp Friction is not like any other body scrub - not only
does it smell divine (seriously, I need this as a perfume or something!), it also
has a rich and creamy texture which works in to a soft foam
when you rub it in to your skin. And it includes vitamins
A, C and E. In short, it is the perfect body scrub!

This isn't a scrub that rubs away at your skin harshly - in fact, it can be
used every day and it won't be too harsh on your skin, but it will leave it
smooth and soft! It is a hard one to explain, but it really just smooths away any
Dead skin rather than scrubbing it. You simply massage it in to wet skin, enjoy
the scent, and wash it off. Oh, and the scent does linger slightly, which is the best thing

Soap & Glory have yet to let us down with their packaging,
and Pulp Friction certainly lives up to their high standards. The tube is tall and
pink with a really cute label. It contains 250ml, which lasts for a fair
while, and costs £8 - it is definitely worth it!

Do you love thus scrub too?


  1. Sounds yum already - I hate scrubs that tear off half your skin and leave you red for the next one week.

  2. I totally agree, I would definitely recommend this, I use it every day and I adore it! X

  3. This actually sounds good, i have been using my anitomicals body scrub and it is a bit ruff, but i will most probably finish it off before i buy anything new lol xx

  4. It is really good, I would definitely recommend it! Xx

  5. Sounds lovely, I love soap and glory xx

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  6. Hey Lucy. This looks good. I only feel completely clean when I use a scrub, so the fact you can use it everyday is brilliant. Lovely blog you have here :) xx

  7. It's great isn't it :-D aww thank you I'm so glad! Xx

  8. heeelllloooo!
    didn't know you blogged mrs?!
    yay, and i love this scrub too :) xxxx

  9. Yessss!!!! I didn't know you did either :-D xxxxx

  10. i dooo!
    ah, how exciting haha, there's not many people i know that do.
    i seriously got so excited. i saw your little face, on kayleigh's blog (couturegirl) and was like oh my god, that looks so much like lucy, so i had a bit of a nosey and it was you! wow.
    i probably shouldn't be this excited. oh well! xxxxx

  11. Ahhhh exciting :-D I only started my blog up again really recently so starting up again from the bottom haha xxx

  12. New follower :) lovely post x

    ide love it if you checked out my MAC lipstick giveaway.

  13. Arw I love Soap & Glory too! Lovely blog, I'm a new follower :) x

  14. I was planning on buying this today, but then I changed my mind. I am thinking of reconsidering after reading your review. I need a strong scrub. Do you recommend anything better than this?

  15. I would definitely recommend Flakeaway for a stronger scrub :-) my review is here:

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  17. Looks good but I really hope this brand can come up with some paraben free products soooooooonnnn


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