My Skincare Routine

Over the past few years, my skin care routine has changed
time and time again, but now I feel like I have
a routine that really works for my combination skin.

Of course like the beauty addict I am, I have a gazillion more skin
care products than mentioned here, but I have tried
to keep it to a basic average day routine.

To remove my makeup, depending on how much I am
wearing, I either use a makeup wipe (I love Nivea Refreshing Cleansing
Wipes) or Clinique Take the Day Off eye makeup remover and Garnier
2-in-1 Makeup Remover. I just remove what I can with these before
my cleanser.

My cleanser has been the one constant product
in my routine since FOREVER because it just works for me
like no other! I have tried others out of sheer curiosity
but I always come back to my trusty Clearasil Skin Perfecting Wash.
It is lovely and creamy and it is just perfect for me. I use
this as my cleanser morning and evening.
I have done other more detailed posts for those
of you interested.

I used to use a Clearasil toner but found it ineffective, so
my lovely friend Hazel recommended the Tea Tree Toner from
The Body Shop - and man am I glad she did?! It is the
perfect toner for my skin - it feels clean and fresh
and keeps spots at bay. And it is a huge bottle!
I use this morning and evening too. Again, I have done
a post on this too with more information.
I will be repurchasing this again and again!

In the morning, I love to use the Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream
from The Body Shop. It is a beautiful gel-like texture
which sinks so easily in to the skin, and
mattifies my t-zone whilst still moisturising everywhere.
My favourite part is that it smells of summer! Amazing!
You can read my post on this to find out more.

At night, I like to choose from a few different things based
on the condition of my skin. Normally, I use Seaweed Night Treatment
from The Body Shop, but if my skin feels blemished
I use the Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion (again from The Body Shop - do
we see a theme here?). I then decide if I need
a little more moisture, and use my gorgeous
Steam Cream very lightly (it is a little thick otherwise).
And I like to use Trilogy Rosehip Oil on my cheeks a few
times a week.

As an eye cream, I use the Organic Rose Moisturiser
from Essential Care. It is really lovely to use
and has loads of fabulous ingredients to nourish
your skin. You can use this as a moisturiser or
an eye cream, so if I'm going away then I use it as both
to save space and it works brilliantly!

Twice a week I use St Ives Apricot Scrub (see
my full review) which is the best scrub I've ever used. It
is just the right amount of grainy and it makes
my skin so super smooth! It definitely helps to prevent
and treat blemishes too. If I want a harsher scrub,
I use Ocean Salt Facial Scrub from Lush, which is really
good but is far too harsh to use regularly.

And finally, my go-to mask is Catastrophe Cosmetic
from Lush, which I absolutely obsess over! It gets to the
point where I know I only have one application left in a tub and
have to take a trip to Lush to stock up! It is just
the perfect mask and never fails to make my skin
look and feel amazing.

What is your skin care routine?


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